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Mike S

Age: 49


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Magic

Sailing Date: 2010-08-18

Itinerary: Carribian

My family has been on several cruises, to be honest only with Disney. I do not want to deal with the casino and drunk fest crowds. Instead I want to focus on clean entertainment and family centered events.

The food is good and plentiful. Breakfast is a must, at least once. I prefer the buffet on the top floor for the breakfast. They have anything and everything you could ask for from fruit, biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, omelets and cinamon rolls. Every member of the familly will find something. There is lunch served on the upper deck also. There is a buffet that the menu changes daily and hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken strips and pizza served at little shops on the top deck.

Dinner is served in three dining rooms on a rotating basis. On cruises longer than 3 days, the menu will change based on the theme of the evening. Theme nights for those on longer cruises will have the same menu no matter what dining room you are in. The wait staff will rotate with you so they learn your eating habits quickly. Staff on the cruise ship is one of the selling points for me.

Do not go on a Disney Cruise and expect the main dining rooms to serve incredible meals. They don't, the food is good and plentiful. If it is quality that drives you spend the $20 or $75 and eat at the exclusive dining rooms that are offered.

Staterooms are fine. I will never stay in an inside cabin. I like sitting on the balcony while others are getting prepared for the day or just to hang out between daily events. Recommend spending the money for the balcony. As far as reserving the room, reserve the lowest level of balcony you can. Upgrades are possible based on the number of patrons. So, you might pay for a balcony at the back or front of the ship and be moved up to center of the ship. On 5 cruises, I have upgraded 2 times for free. With three guests the room is tight, not a lot of space to place luggage if you keep your clothes in the suitcases. I hang most everything up, so my suitcase can be placed out of the way. The two part bathroom is awesome, one can shower while another is brushing their teeth in the other part of the bathroom. The TV in the room is a good entertainemnt source. Has a news channel, ABC family, and numerous disney movie channels. Turn down service is provided nightly. Enjoy the candy and little towel animals.

Plenty to do on the ship. All of the evening shows are great. Kids under 18 should have a blast doing somehting throughout the day. There is time to sit on the top deck, drink and watch a disney flick on the big screen. Pools are small but are big enough to get wet. There is a walking track around deck 3, I believe it is a quarter mile. It is nice for those that want to jog or just stroll. We did that after dinner, before the evening show. Check the gift shops daily for new merchandise and sales. I think they want to keep it interesting in the shops. They do a good job.

Have done some excursions while on the numerous cruises. They are all pretty good. They are generally third party so if you are not completely satisfied, report to the Disney Staff. You pobably won't get your money back but they may remove from the list of excursions. Watch the times that you are going to be at locations. There is always travel time on the excursions. Figure how much time is "self guided" and "shopping" time. Don't pay for that time if you can help it. There are enough excursions out there that have good value.

Eat a light breakfast before you arrive at the terminal. They do not start boarding till 11 or 12 so if you get to the ship earlier, be prepared to wait. You can wait an hour or so AFTER they start boarding. Just want to prepare you before you get there. Once on board, you will not be allowed to go to you room till at least 3:00 or even 4:00. Carry on swimming suites, lotions and creams should also be carried on if you do not want to burn on the first day. Eat a great buffet lunch immediately after boarding (top floor) and then go for a swim before the cruise ship leaves around 4pm. it is nice to be on the top deck as you depart the terminal. There is a party on the top deck.

You will be required to place your luggage out on the night before returning to the terminal. You can carry off what ever you desire. I recommend that you do not atempt to leave until about a half hour after the departure begins. If you are downstairs and there is a delay in the process, you will be upset and so will everyone else. Take my advise, go updates and eat breakfast and plan on departing between 30-60 minutes after departation. Customs is a snap, have the documents completed and don't stress.

Enjoy your cruise(s).

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