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Age: 40

Occupation:Brand identity consultant

Number of Cruises: 26

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Wonder

Sailing Date: April 24th, 2005

Itinerary: Bahamas

We have cruised on many different lines, but this was our first Disney Cruise. We chose Disney this time to celebrate our son's 3rd birthday. My mom and her boyfriend went too. Also, we spent 5 days after the cruise at the parks.

Embarkation was fast and easy. We got to Port Canaveral at about 2:30 and though the ship was full, we only had about a 5 minute wait for Security. We had filled out our forms on the flight down as advised by others here. We were the lucky 5 selected to have a trainee "assist us with our documents."
He must have thought the perforations in the booklet of documents were for those lacking in creativity... he mangled the first two sets and we did the other 3 ourselves.

They announced us upon entry and my son immediately went to check out the band playing in front of Triton's. After he danced for awhile, we found our


Clean and nicely sized. I liked the lamps with the world map and Mickey metal trim. We were afraid to get a cabin with a balcony for fear that DS would hop over it! He's quite a little monkey! Anyway, there's enough storage space to stow your stuff, and i love the big window. (The all Disney all the time channels were a boon for DS!)

We met Enrique our cabin steward. He was very pleasant and efficient... did a fine job all 4 days... and he's quite the towel animal master!

Our luggage showed up while we were at dinner (early seating). We had tremendously fun servers, Hernan and Ramon. They loved playing with our son and i think they were a little freaked out about him ordering things like squash and salmon off the big menu rather than the kids' stuff. Our dining rotation was PTAA. Night 3 was the Pirates in the Caribbean party, so you repeated your night 3 restaurant the last night.

The food was one of only 2 disappointments on the ship. Breakfast was low-end, institutional type food. There were some items i would consider "good", but nothing really fabulous... After pronouncing his Mickey waffle "eewy and like gum" on morning one, DS stated that he thought just plain Raisin Bran with fruit was better. I stuck to yogurt with fruit and sometimes a bagel with smoked trout (which was the "good" thing aforementioned).

Lunch was much the same. Nothing memorable and a serious lack of tofu or veggie options. I went to the little stir fry bar on one buffet and got veggies and noodles and the "chef" looked at me like i had 3 heads when i asked for tofu instead of meat. I'm a fish-eater, but the salads, sushi etc. at lunch was really mediocre. And, they used fake crab in everything that had crab in it. Just a little warning for those of you who think when places spell "crab" with a "C" that it's the real thing.. NOT here.

Dinners were better. The first night's grouper entree was very tasty so we had high hopes for the rest of the evenings... I'd say 3 of the 4 nights, the dinners were good to very good... Our evening at Triton's was really interesting... DH found a live bug crawling in his salad. He calmly showed it to Hernan and Ramon who, aghast, immediately whipped the plate off the table and took it to our Dining Manager, Eric. He came over and apologized profusely and we said thanks. Then, 2 minutes later, the chef de cuisine, Winston, came out to explain that all of the greens come vacuum sealed so the only way a live bug could have gotten into his salad was to have stowed away from Nassau... we told him it's all good (i would've thought they'd offer to bring him a free beer or glass of wine, but that didn't happen). They did bring him a replacement salad which he thoroughly investigated prior to placing fork in mouth. The vegetable stack was pretty good. DH and my mom had the creme brulee for dessert and both said it was excellent.

Pirate night brought too sweet melon soup, a lovely salad, appetizing fish and a lackluster bananas foster dessert and some pretty good chocolate cake.
OUr final evening was in Animator's and we all enjoyed our meals. I had excellent scallops and DH had very good beef. The baked Alaska is one of my favorite things and they didn't disappoint!

We got off the ship at Nassau for a couple of hours... We've been there a bunch before, so we stopped in at a restaurant we found there a few years ago called Bahamian Kitchen for lunch of cracked conch and conch salad... yum yum yum. This was the best lunch we had!

A highlight. We very much enjoyed the beach and snorkeling around. The water was bracing at first, but once you got in for a bit it was lovely. The rain threatened until we reboarded the ship and the skies cleared at 5:30 so we could wave buh-bye to the Cay! The lunch (salmon sandwich for me) was meh. My mom and her bf went back to the ship for lunch and said their lunch in Triton's was very good!


We saw the Heffalump movie, and, when DS napped with grandma, DH and i saw National Treasure. It was quite windy and very cloudy all day, so the pool wasn't such a great option. Oh, and we won some money at Bingo. Yay!

We saw all 4 shows. Hercules was great (Hades stole the show). We had a ventriloquist who made us laugh out loud (especially our toddler) when he made the tennis ball talk. The Golden Mickeys was fine and we were very impressed with Disney Dreams. We saw the Disney's on the Record show that is currently touring the U.S. and enjoyed Disney Dreams more.

I love to tip. I'm a fan of great service and we loved all of our folks. I just wish you didn't have to stand in line at Guest Services for half an hour to put them on a credit card! You'd think there'd be an easier way.

Disembarking was a breeze. With that said, i will share my other disappointment... I missed Pluto. He is my all time favorite Disney character and, aside from being in the terminal before we boarded (heck, before we even got there), he didn't come out for any character signings or photos or anything. :(

Overall, we enjoyed the trip very much, 4 days was just enough, and, maybe some day in a few years, might choose Disney again. Our preference for the Windstar ships (better destinations, much better food, not quite so structured), was reaffirmed. Just our preference, mind you! lol

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