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Age: 30

Occupation:Retail Manager

Number of Cruises: 19

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Wonder

Sailing Date: November 23rd, 2005

Itinerary: Bahamas

This was our first Voyage on Disney Cruise Lines and I am going to give it 33 out of 5 stars. We are very used to carnival seeing weve done 17 of them and was interested in seeing what was different between the two cruise lines. Basically the difference is very noticable if you want to take Kids then Disney is the way to go. If you want a romantic cruise for the two of you then Carnival is a much better choice. We defentley could tell a difference between the two and noticed several thing that carnival could learn from disney cruise lines and also vice versa.

Well I will start with the pros on disney.

1. MUCH MUCH better kids programs. The kids were actually kept away from the adults more then I thought they would be.

2. CREW the crew were amazing the friendlist EVER on any Cruise we have been on.

3. The Vista Spa. The layout of the SPA with the Tropical Rain Forest room is amazing. We did the Exotic Rasul twice it was so much fun. Also the Spa is VERY Clean and we allways saw cleaning crew in there.

4. Debarkation was amazing we were all cleared off the boat at 7:45am and had are luggage and was in our car by 8:00am amazing. Carnival could learn from this instead of calling you by colors thing. They also don't throw lies down your throat and tell you that if you wait in the lobby US Customs won't clear the boat which is untrue.

5. Fireworks. They actually shoot fireworks off the back funnel and to the side of the boat on the sea nite which was cool for a cruise ship. Amazing thing carnival shouldnt have a hard time doing this.

6. Free Soda at dinner and by the beach blanket buffet. What can I say a cruise line with two ships can do this! Why cant a cruise line with 19 ships in its flagship fleet do this?

Cons. A few more negative things then postive though.

1. Very few adults things to do. We only had a few adult scheduled activites and they were all bar things to get you to drink. And no adult late night comedy show. Defently a family cruise line.

2. Photos very poor. Now the crew was very firendly with the lack of the photo crew. They were very rude and acted like you were bothering them. The worst was when we stood in line for almost 10 minutes and then she let a large group go in front of us that was very rude and took almost 10 minutes of setting things and still no photo had been taken.

3. This plays off the above. The worst fellow passengers ever. People were unbeleivable rude on this boat stepping over you, running into you, pushing you. Several teenagers of course were going up and down the hallways using profanity like there was no tomorow. Parents would let there kids run down the hallways at all times of the day and night screaming and stomping the floor like a heard of elephants. I know the cruise line has no control of this but you would think they could enforce the late night noise a little better.

4. Cabin was TINY even for an ocean view balcony. Very small cabins and this split bathroom design was a very bad idea. I barely fit in the bathroom. The shower was like a coffin and I ended up using the one in the locker room several times. Also the cabin was very noisy on the slightly ruffer nights the celing panels/slats creaked and popped quite loudly. Also the air flow was very weak and I figured there was no Air conditioning in the room at all. The bed was very hard and you could tell by the depression in the middle that they were quite used.

5. Topside food the buffett and pizza express food was ok but not great. Carnival is sure killing Disney on the pizza. First of all you can tell the pizza is processed and not fresh like carnival also it closes at 11:00 or 12:00. Carnivals is open all the time.

So all in all we are going to stick with carnival unless we take are son with us in several years then we might do Disney again.

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