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Myka Staryk

Age: 37

Occupation:Asset Manager

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Wonder

Sailing Date: 2009-07-13

Itinerary: Bahamas

We booked the expensive Disney cruise to take advantage of the daycare and childrens programs. Our child goes to preschool and knows the drill. But the program for kids below 7 sucked (details in onboard activities)! With that being said we couldn't in good faith check our child in so there went spa or any chance of the adult pool I was dreaming of (even just for an hour.) The shows were good- the movies were nice but didn't run back to back all day so it was hard to catch one. The ship is all about making money. There are poolside and beachside servers are abundant and are never out of reach they are everywhere smiling to get you a drink (that you have to pay for.) They constantly tell you how they will be happy to get you a lemonade but they have to charge because free is only self serve. They forget we paid before we got on.

The food was okay Tritons and Animators were decent but the tropical theme restaurant was bad. The servers were just okay- but continually beg you to give them a good rating at the end of the cruise. It was weird and not genuine. Overall the dinner experience was okay but with the horrible beverage situation makes me feel like I have to take it to bad. Beverages were a pain in the butt! Need milk for your 3 year old? No problem! Just go up 8 floors to the open air deck, brave the wind and the rain, head to the back of the boat and there you'll find all the self serve water/ soda/ milk/ coffee you need. But, there are only tiny cups provided, so you'll need to stack 3 in one hand, while you brave the wind/ rain back to the front of the ship and down to your room. NO problem! I need the exercise. And water- that's a big deal too! When sitting poolside you can order a margarita and pay for it, but don't ask your server for a water or lemonade for your kid- they say "You have to get it yourself or you have to pay." Yep sure, silly of me to think a pool server would serve a drink that wasn't an upcharge. I should just get up from the chair I had to fight to get to begin at the overcrowded pool and just leave my kid unattended while I journey to the "free stuff" in the back of the ship. Second note on water, Castaway Cay is the first thing that greets you, which is not a charecter, but another vendor selling the survival kit of 4 waters and 2 cokes for $17. And you should get it cause the servers on the beach aren't getting you a drip unless it's on your stateroom card. Even at the Buena Vista movie theater. If you want popcorn, soda get your card ready beacuase that's not included, fine.

It was clean and roomy for a ship. I wish the TV had a DVD player but it was fine.

When trying to check my son in so I could go to the spa in the middle of the day- I was on my own- no smiling face to say "Hi there" let me show you... no Disney Charecters to seal the deal. Seems like unless theres a Disney photographer snapping $20 dollar shots with a long line-there's no Mickey. Since I was on my own when I took him in, trying to find a counselor to get my son involved and nobody cared! Hello! The room was darkly lit- my son ran over to an area with crayons and as soon as he got to the table they turned off the light on the area. Then some drill sargent dressed as a toy story soldier started barking out "march-march" to the kids with his booming voice on a microphone. LOUD and DARK= SCARRY. What are they thinking?

I figured the situation would be better at scuttle cove on Castaway Cay. But no- upon trecking down to the kids area from the beach I was told, "we can't take him now, they are about to transition to lunch- why don't you just meet us there." I got a look about and there was no splash pool, no little fishy pond, no charecters to intice them to seperate, just a hot dry desert looking area of coral rock sand. When meeting them at lunch they ushered in a bunch of hot, pathetic looking unhappy kids who looked like they were going to pass out. And started dishing out warm water and fruit punch. Once again, no friendly person to help transition. After seeing that all I could think was "No Way! He's sticking with us".

My trip was too short for too many shore excursions- but Castaway was nice.

Spent over $700 in 2 days and 3 nights on nothing extravagent. They should just post your stateroom number to your head since to get anything that's what you need. With that being said, I thought I was paying for excellent childcare programs, good food and free beverages. Not the case I was nickle and dimed by the Mouse from the minuite I got to port. Next time I'll go on a less expensive cruise so I won't mind the upcharges. Also the Disney thing begins to be a problem when your child is taunted before dinner to see a character. With them not in abundance the lines were all 30 mins and became a hassle. I wished there were none at all in the end. The pools were too small and not enough lounge chairs the Mickey pool seemed dirty. It was so crowded and foggy to see the picture on the bottom of the pool. The only nice pool is for adults which is rarely used. I'd go again if it was free- but I think I'll be looking into other cruise lines for now.

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