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c ziemba

Age: 53

Occupation:self employed

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Wonder

Sailing Date: 2009-10-19

Itinerary: nassau

We had seven people in our group, all of whom were adults over fifty. My wife and I were the only ones that have never been on a cruise before, so I am not an expert on cruises by any means. However, the other five with us all agreed that Disney Wonder is a wonderful ship. We were the first cruise just out of dry-dock. There were still crews working on some areas of the boat. They were never in the way and they almost blended in with the group. The boat was very nice looking, staff always cleaned up after the guests, always getting ready for the next event. I never saw any setting up; I just walked around and there it was: a deck-buffet, deck-party, etc. I'm not a kid fan but Disney sure is. All kinds of good stuff for the kids, lots of kid areas, and lots of family areas and lots of adult areas. We had so much fun, I have never been so relaxed from coming home from a trip. No worries, mon.

If you go on the Disney Wonder, when you first get on board you will be directed to a buffet before you get to go to your cabin. DO NOT GO TO YOUR CABIN FIRST. Go to Parrot Cay buffet first. It is truly the best buffet on the boat; the absolute freshest fruit, and the rest of the spread was worth a picture. All the food was great. We didn't always know what was on the menu so our servers were more then helpful to explain and make good suggestions based on what they observed about us. I asked they keep notes about their guests to help remember who likes what. Our two servers were ready with our favorite drinks and ready to get more. If you wanted seconds at sit down meals, you didn't have to be afraid to ask. If you don't like what you got, don't be afraid to ask to change it. They are ready to serve you. Even room service was 24 hour service.

Our rooms were wonderful three rooms right next to each other with balconies. The balconies do not open to each other but you can still talk and see around even had conversations with people a few away. The view, ocean, some lights from shore at night and stars were all great. The room itself was very roomy even though. They are on the small size with lots of storage so every thing can be unpacked and hung up. Separate shower and toilet room really helps but that is a small room for that. Sinks in both rooms is great to. State room hosts were wonderful and very helpful. They were never in your way and very stealthy.

As far as activities go, there was so much to do. There is a movie theater on board, live shows, bingo, and kid's activities. There were some many things for kids to do, it made me wish I was young again. Very well planned character photo ops, kids clubs, and more. Adults have just as much fun; sports bar, shopping, and health spa. Nails and hair for the girls. You can get pagers on board to keep in touch with the rest of your group. What I liked is three open deck areas to walk around and so much open room to spread the crowd. We also had a jogging/walking deck with the old-style wooden deck0lounges with nice cushions. Three pools; one just for adults no kids allowed-with a bar.

The only reason I go to New Orleans is the zoo and the airport. Other than that, you could doze the rest. Flying out of NO was very nice flying into Orlando. I thought our local airport was small this makes NO look small. We hit everything just right, got right on the plane Southwest was great nice people one the plane. Tram ride just like Disney to the main terminal long walk to Disney bus area. I was a very short wait for the bus then 30 min. ride to the hotel 3 days at the Polynesian. I want to stay there again. Then a very nice bus ride to the boat. It was very comfortable with great views. You can bring alcohol on the boat, I carried a case of beer and a fifth of scotch for my mom and cousin. Right through the x-ray machine. I will cruise Disney again. Maybe a five day cruise next time.

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