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Age: 38

Occupation:Network Admin

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Disney

Ship: Disney Wonder

Sailing Date: 2010-02-7

Itinerary: Bahamas

The experience overall was excellent. The food was a little bland, but it was all delicious. The entertainment was excellent, especially the musicals, but was very kid-focused, as you would expect. The ports-of-call were interesting, there was a great deal of freedom to do whatever you wanted, but would have enjoyed a guided-tour. The tip-paid food and housekeeping service was excellent. There was never a shortage of things to do, it was a challenge sometimes to get to the activities that had over-lapping time-frames. The weather was a little chilly, did not get as much sun time as I had hoped.

Excellent. I think Disney should pay the servers hourly, instead only by tips. There was always a variety of delicious high quality food, although I wish the dinner food could have been spicier, it seemed a little bland. The Disney cinema themed dining room was mildly entertaining. The servers were all wonderfully hospitable and we enjoyed interacting with them. After they got to know you, they remembered what each person liked to order.

A little cramped, but cozy. The towel animal origami designs were hysterical. The housekeeping staff worked hard at rearranging the room so that the bunk bed was up during the day, and down at night.

Excellent, but focused on children, which you would expect for a Disney cruise, not ideal for singles.

The Nassau excursion was fun, being able to explore a foreign country, tried to get away from the tourist shops and see the real country. Wish we could have had a little beach time there. The Disney island was great, but the sand is a little coarse and the water was a little chilly.

The entertainment was excellent and there was always a variety of things to do, for each family member. The musicals were amazing. I have fond memories of watching the Superbowl on the top deck, there was a gigantic screen attached to one of the smoke stacks. The deejaying at the activities made them more fun. The potato and carrot race-car-derby was hilarious. On the next cruise, I would like to go on more ports-of-call. The Nassau port-of-call was interesting, but I wish they would have had an organized tour. I walked around on my own for a few hours exploring the city, met some interesting people and got to see how the Bahamians live their daily lives. They drive on the wrong side of the road and on occasion there were no sidewalks. The Disney island was nice, but we never left the beach because we were having so much fun. The water was chilly. Did some snorkeling, if you go out about 100 yards from the beach, you can see a lot more fish, mostly yellow tails. The water gets shallower around the seaweed beds. Getting a good night of sleep was never a problem because by night-time everyone was exhausted from running around to all the activities all day long. My son loved the kids lab where the children can go for kid-focused entertainment. There were lots of free photo opportunities with various Disney characters. On some of the activities, there would be a line of tables with food. On one night, after a pirate themed party on the top deck, there was a dessert line that had about forty different types of dessert. There were lots of Disney movies playing on various movie screens. They served pizza all day long. The food was all very good, but a little bland.

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