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Tony s

Age: 67


Number of Cruises: 10

Cruise Line: Holland America

Ship: Noordam

Sailing Date: 2012-02-26

Itinerary: southern caribe

The worst cruise ship I've ever been on The total ship needs a complete overhaul from the carpeting to the costumes the entertainers wore to the waiters. Old is and worn out can` describe the condition of this ship. The food was the only part of the cruse that was good , A breakout of viral flue occurred a couple of days into the cruse. The problem was after the announcement by the captain of a couple and then the next day 3 then four more the number was never clear But observing the staff after the breakout I did not observe any crew member using the convenient hand sanitizing placed around the ship or observe and crew members wearing gloves except for crew member who actually served food. not the waiters at the tables or the persons serving drinks. I found this troubling since the majority of the gusts on ship were elderly and would have been gravely effected by a intestinal virus. The entertainment was lower then expectations considering the price of the 11 days cruise. The entertainment during the day was almost none existent except on the Lido deck which had a one person drum and electronic player. during the evening hours the shows consisted of the a group of singers and dancers, comedian and , a couple who played Irish songs, these were all separate acts on different days. I found this typical for most cruises not Broadway. The casino was small and from my observations no winners here, it could of been the lack of players. The Movies were good but wish they didn't interfere with the Early dinner guests. Departing the ship on the February 24 2012 was a nightmare. We selected a early departure, which for those who never were on a cruise you walk off with your bags. This is us alley for people who live in the state of Fl like my self. But because the Holland American Line was charging for bag transfers I bag 50.00 dollars and a 3 bag deal of 100.00 dollars. We were assigned to leave the ship at 7:30 to 8:00 am we left our cabin the go to the 2nd deck and when we arrived there was between 100 and 2 hundred people lined up. I was dumbfounded to find no crew members supervising this large group who were crowed with baggage and later found the price of the transfers was there choice to carry the bags off rather then pay to have there bags delivered the airlines directly. After waiting on line a mad dash of people started running down the halls for the elevators and lifting there bags up to the 3rd fl which was the new dismemberment point. The reason I learned was the ship had positioned itself away from the waste removal hoses and had to be repositioned. "Nightmare" My recommendations simply there are so many cuisse lines why pick this lower class one.

The great surprise was the food, I found the food was first rate and the service was good. The only complaint was the Lido buffet was closed at 9pm which was after the first show. This could of been open, instead it opened one hour after the last show, at 11 pm. This might of made sense if the majority of the guests were below 40 not over 70. 11 pm was as empty a condemned building.

Our first bad experience was entering our cabin which was on the Navigation deck on the port or left side of the ship. My wife and I had a room that was 20' by 10' the room was dark even though we had a Balcony cabin. I was shocked to see the dingy stained carpeting and more of a surprise to see how old the bathroom was. This was by far the worst room I had ever seen in my more then 20 years cursing. After we unpacked I decided to enter the bathroom for a shower and after leaving the shower to dry off the towel had hair on it from a previous guest. After calling the attendant he brought new towels . The veranda was small and rusted metal everywhere, looked like no maintence had been performed for quite awhile.

One piece of advice as far as what to do on this ship. DO NOT BRING TEENS OR CHILDREN. They will drive you crazy there is nothing except for a basketball court on the crows nest above the Lido deck. The entertainment is typical cuise line.

The excursions where typical we decided to take a couple.

In short I found the food good, the service in the dining area good the show lounge comfort good. getting around the ship good. On the Negative side, rooms dingy dirty halls carpeting dingy worn, bad or no supervision for room stewards. No supervision for general crew on self hygiene. Bad preparations on dismemberment lack of proper communications. My overall recommendation would be to the Holland American Line

1. Take this ship off line for a complete over haul
2. Better trained supervisors
3. Pricing should reflect service

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