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Randy Klaepatch

Age: 52


Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Holland America

Ship: Statendam

Sailing Date: 2011-06-11

Itinerary: Inside passage Vanvouver to Seaward

Very disappointed with ship and status of ship as it was reputed to have been refurbished i 2004-2005. It must have been budget/cost affected greatly as I saw more deficiencies than I could count.. HAL often boasts 130 yers of nautical experiance/luxury, well in my 5 voyages (wife 6) we certainly did not see it or experiance it.

FOOD? This is the first cruise I have been hungry on. Food is suppose to be the highlight of any cruise and on this one it was the biggest disappointment. The lido deck had hrs. of their own and were closed more than open. The portions served were consistantly small and whenever I asked for an extra slice of meat or whatever suddenly there was "I dont understand from the staff." I found all the food to taste the same no mater where we ate. As for seating capacity, very undersized and limited as we often ended up at the pool area to eat and found the area cold. This is with the retractible roof closed. Then someone in charge decided it would be OK to OPEN the roof and cool the area more. After that we ordered room service (breakfast in our room). Not what I had in mind when booking trip, eating in room. As for the organization at the LIdo buffet, there was none as several times I walked away in disgust after standing there and seeing others get waitheir requestted infront of me, AND several times after finally getting served and then getting a table realized no silverware/napkins, so off I go to get some to comeback to my table and either my plate was gone and/ or someoned else was sitting at this table because it appeared to be vacant as not plate was there, it was removed. How frustrating is this. No trays to carry meal to table. Large seating area segregated from staff and officers and often empty.

Room was hot, ac did not work, bathroom even hotter. Bathroom smelled like public toilet, strong smell of urine. This was enhanced by the temperature (80-90F). Plumbing issues with stateroom next door causing our sink and shower drains to gurgle. Limited veiw turned out to be NO view. We were on the lower promenade deck so we could hear the workers washing the perimeter deck and skidding around deck chairs at anytime after 3:00am. This was not an issue as were up most of the night listening to the floor above us (turned out to be the (kitchen) footsteps, carts rollong back and fourth, chopping sounds, hammering/pounding sounds voices, the constant dropping of who knows what. Very little quality sleeps per night resulting in my wife and I being more tired as the cruise went on.

Low budget and boring. After going to two evening performances we decided to skip the rest. By 9-10 each night we were both tired as our stateroom noise prevented a restful sleep. After awhile I got tired of always being asked to buy something, I was vey much aware of what I wanted and did not want and found the constant "in your face" sales people irritating.

Whale watching in Junno great, White Pass train ride great, both had good weather. Ketchikan, rain dissappointing. Overall visabilithy poor as often fog and low laying clouds. I realize this is nothing HAL can control but compounded with all the issues they are in control of this contributed to a poor cruise.

Over all found to be disappointing after weighing all the goods and bads. I waited a week to write this review to reflect and judge honestly but overall we have had much better quality cruises with Carnival, Royal Carribean and NCL x2. My wife was on this same criuse 3 years ago (Rhyndamm) and could not believe how things had gone downhill. The Statendam may have been a grand ship one day but today is just a tub on the ocean. There was that constant stale cigarette smell and musty damp odors present. I could not help but notice the stained carpets, torn carpets, flaws and visable signs of wear and tear. This made me ask myself, if this is what I see what cant I see as far as maintainance. When I look at advertisements for this cruiseline and what I experianced, there is a very big difference. Of all the cruise lines we have been with NCL was the lowest rated.

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