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Age: 45

Occupation:Brain surgeon

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Holland America

Ship: Zaandam

Sailing Date: 2011-12-23

Itinerary: Australia and Asia

Zaandam has beautiful rooms which are comfortable. Cocktails are lovely and the gym is good (although they deliver the same "health" forum every day but just give it a different name, go once its all the same after that and they are tyring to sell an expensive detox). The main walking deck is great.

Watch out fo the back of the boat - the funnel spews out oil and it goes all over your clothes - goodness knows what it does to your skin. Use another pool and remember to get them to clean your clothes when this happens - at their cost.

We were not allowed to bring family or friends on to the boat prior to the start of the cruise (and told it had to do with security) - however the crew were able to bring family on at different ports which made us feel very uncomfortable from a security perspective, especially in Bali.

The food is extremely average and a tip for breakfast - they deep fry the bacon! - so much for health. If you want soy milk well probably should take your own.

The wine waiters have no idea about wine and will serve the wrong wine and when questionned mention they have "sold out" however they will still give you the chit for the wine you ordered and give you some rubbish. When questionning the wine steward he was just plain rude.

What out for "specials" at the spa - they offer a deal for say $109 - then charge $119, then mention there isn't a tip included and then put the over chage and the tip on the bill. If challenged they will change it back to what it should be so do challenge.

Overall - try another cruise line. We took this one due to the date it sailed working for us.

Average, the so called "buffet" was sad.
The time it took to get a piece of toast was absurd.
Soy milk was like asking for gold.

Ok, size was good, wardrobe was huge.
Room was clean.
Use of pubic laundry was great.
Soaps etc. provided in the room - well the staff just put the same shampoo and body wash into the dispensers - they didn't know they were different and they should have.

Library was great.
Pools were nice - see note above about back pool - don't go there (remove small children I'd say).
Gym was great.
Walking deck lovely.
Movie theatre good - needed some new movies though.

Pinacles restaurant was the best.
Le Circe was just woeful - don't waste your time or money, seriously the menu was so ordinary that if it is supposed to represent a top New York restaurant, well alll I can say is New York must be crying out for good food.

Captain had a good sense of humour and kept us informed

Make time in port longer - on our trip we arrived late and left early at one port. We had been to the place many times so it didn't bother us - it probably did for others though this was the barrier reef!

Think I've said enough.

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