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Dave E. Lepkowski

Age: 40

Occupation:bakery Clerk

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty

Ship: Ocean Breeze

Sailing Date: February 2nd, 2003


On Sunday February 2nd, 2003, My mother and I arrived at the cruise ship terminal In Port Everglades after driving south from Orlando. The arrival time was about 12:15 in the afternoon. We parked our rental car at the parking garage next to the Broward County Convention center and took our luggage out of the car and boarded the bus that took us to the Terminal where the cruise ship Ocean Breeze was located. After a 5 minute ride we arrived at the front of the terminal and we disembarked from the bus with some fellow cruise ship passengers. We entered the building and after a 25 minute wait we arrived at the ticket agent’s desk where we filled out about 2 or 3 forms that were related to the cruise that we were about to board. One of the forms that we had to fill out was a form that establishes a ship-board account for us to use since most areas of the ship do not take U.S. Currency (money) except for amusements such as the horse race, casino and the bingo games.

The ticket agent gave us 2 plastic credit card sized cards that had our dining table assignments on them and she told us that the cards were to be used for purchases on the ship and that a 19% gratuity would be charged to the account for the dining room staff. We dropped off our luggage at a special place where the stevedores would pick them up and carry them aboard the ship along with other passenger’s luggage.

The photographer took our picture as we were walking out the terminal building in front of the logo of the Imperial Cruise Line. There was an option that was available to us that we could purchase the photo if we liked it but we chose not to buy it since the price was $16.00. We boarded the Ocean Breeze by way of a narrow gangplank that was about 3feet wide. A female crew member greeted us at the top of the gangplank and showed us to our room which was and inside stateroom numbered 1417. Our luggage was waiting for us when We got there. We next went to the rear of the ship where we had a delicious lunch with other passengers. I thought that what we had for lunch was very good. There was a mandatory lifeboat drill at 4:15 that lasted a few minutes. We put on our life preservers and went to our assigned muster station 11 which was located on the port side of the ship. After the life boat drill had ended we headed back to our cabin and put our life jackets under out beds.

Checked out the bathroom and found that it was 100% clean without any mold or mildew. The Cruise Director had a presentation in the Rendevouz Lounge about the sights that were to be seen in Nassau in the Bahamas and he also gave a brief slide show also. After we heard the presentation, we opted to take a limosine tour of Nassau, a sting ray encounter and a dolphin encounter.

The Ocean Breeze is about 650 feet long which is 200 feet shorter that the Titanic. I later found out that the Ocean Breeze was built in Belfast, Ireland by the firm of Harland & Wolff which was the same company that built the Titanic back in 1909. We left the dock and were soon headed out to sea.

It was about 6:30 that we went to our assigned table 71 in the main dining room where we met our tablemates. We soon got acquainted with them and were talking with them as if we had known them all our lives. The 5 course dinner was very delicious. When dinner was over, we walked out on the outside deck and experienced some of the shows in the lounges.

If you are sitting in one of the lounges (such as the Rendevouz Lounge) a member of the bar staff would come by and ask You if You wanted a drink. When they came by, we said no thanks. It was so dark on the ocean that we could see the lights of nearby ships. Went to bed around 11 and it was during the middle of the night that my stomach felt so uneasy that I went to the bathroom and quietly threw up in the toilet.

Early the following morning after we had breakfast we gathered in the Rendevouz Lounge for our respective tours. It was about 9 or so that the Ocean Breeze had docked at the St Georges pier in Nassau in the Bahamas. We soon left the ship after we gotten our lunch bracelets for the lunch at the Blue Lagoon. Along with 4 other fellow passengers, We walked to the area where the Limousine driver would pick us up for the tour of downtown Nassau. The limo driver told us about the history of Nassau and showed us the Water Tower (great view from the top), Fort Charlotte and some of the residential neighborhoods before he dropped us off at the Straw Market where I bought a anniversary gift for my dad and his wife. We soon boarded the ferry boat at the nearby dock and were soon underway. After about a 35 minute journey, we arrived at the Blue Lagoon. We had a great tasting lunch at the outdoor dining pavilion which I thought was good and appetizing. Not long afterwards, I went to the area where the Dolphin Encounters are held and I soon joined a small group for the encounter. The dolphin trainer told us some facts about the dolphins and he had us touch the dolphin’s smooth skin and he had them do some maneuvers with us as well.

To make a long story short, The rest of the cruise back to Fort Lauderdale from Nassau went by without a hitch. I’ve had a really good time in the Bahamas even though the visit was short and would like to come by for a muck longer visit..

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