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Chris and Julia

Age: 28 and 26

Occupation:Software Engineer and Cosmetologist

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty

Ship: Regal Empress

Sailing Date: N/A

Itinerary: Bahamas

This cruise came as part of a package deal with Take Me On Vacation, which did not allow us to book any of our own accommodations. This maybe what lead to our having a miserable time.

After waiting in line for over two hours Julia, who was 6 months pregnant at the time, was in terrible pain. And though we were finally cleared to get on board, we still had to go through several hurdles of cruise employees wanting to take our picture, sell us alcohol, and get us to sign up for excursions. All we wanted to do was get to our cabin. However upon arriving finally we were disappointed to the point of tears. We had gone on this trip as one last great vacation together before we had kids. Our cabin was equipped with two single beds across the room from each other. The mattresses were cheap foam on a wooden plank, reminding us of scout camp cabins. The bathroom was so small that you had to sit a little side ways on the toilet just to fit. We didn't even want to use the tiny shower stall with it's dribble of water. And the decor was laughable. We spent as little time as possible in there, to the point we would wear ourselves out before going back so we could fall asleep as quickly as possible. By sneaking peaks into other cabins we could see that ours was defiantly one of the worst. There were some that were nicer and roomier with real beds.

The food in the buffet was little better than cafeteria fare. Perhaps they are hoping you will not know what good food tastes like. The evening meal was nicer and tastier. Our waiter Leo was very nice and he and his bus boy very attentive. Dinner was probably the nicest part of the cruise.

The service on board was good, our cabin steward kept the room clean and stocked. The little dog made out of towels made us smile.

It was difficult for us to find entertainment on board as we are neither gamblers, nor drinkers and there wasn't much else to do. Incessant announcements about bingo and shore excursions piped into our cabin until ten at night were annoying to the point of rudeness. It seemed we were constantly being hit up to spend more money.

The ship itself was not that bad. Though old it was kept clean and in good repair. But the layout was confusing. At one point we had to go up two levels just so we could cross back to our end of the ship to get down to our cabin.

Nassau itself was a lot of fun and made the trip worthwhile. We went to the Blue Lagoon and swam in the warm clear waters. And then went back to the main land for some shopping. The straw market was fun with it's different vendors and the haggling over prices with the merchants.

Perhaps we would have liked the cruise better if we had had nicer accommodations. Or perhaps the cabin would not have seemed so bad if the cruise had been better.

All in all we would not recommend this cruise. Pay the extra money and go on a nicer ship.

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