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Age: 22

Occupation:Data Analyst

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty

Ship: Regal Empress

Sailing Date: N/A

Itinerary: 7 Day Bahamas Cruise

A friend and I took this cruise as part of the Ramada Plaza Resorts Timeshare Scam. This was my first cruise, but my friends second. She had previously sailed with Carnival and absolutely loved it. This ship was horrible! As soon as we boarded the ship we noticed a very strong odor throughout the entire ship, which can be best described as a public port-a-john. We were escorted to our cabin (which we had upgraded when we originally booked our vacation through the Ramada Plaza Resorts) and realized that the cabin was unacceptable. The room was extremely small and we were provided with cots (not beds) with mattresses that were less than an inch thick. The upgrade was supposed to provide us with a porthole which was inaccessible because it was located behind the TV stand. We immediately got off the ship and complained, then had to upgrade our room again for an additional $255.00.

After spending our first night in our second room, we woke up the next morning to discover that the bed we had just slept in was infested with insects. We called room service and they had the nerve to ask us what kind of insects they were. Does it matter?? Both of us returned home completely covered with at least 30 bug bites each all over our arms, legs, feet, backs and stomachs and we still have no idea what kind of insects these were. We were then moved again to another room that was very loud due to the engine motors.

One of the nights we were denied room service for a small request for some fruit. There was no 24 hour food available and the hours that food was being served the portions were less than filling. On our last night, we were informed to put our luggage outside of our room at 3am in order for it to be picked up and removed from the ship that morning, which is very discomforting knowing that our luggage is sitting outside of our room in the hallway for anyone to search through. We set a wakeup call for 3:00am and did as instructed, even though it was a big inconvenience. We then had to set another wake up call for later that morning to prepare for departure from the ship. When we woke up the next morning, and discovered that our luggage was still sitting outside of our room. We then had to flag a member of the staff to take our luggage.

During our stay on the ship, there were three professional pictures taken, and of the three, only one was developed and available for purchase. We inquired about our missing pictures and the staff informed us that a problem had occurred in the development process and that the pictures would not be available. Although, there were hundreds of other passengers pictures displayed. During breakfast and lunch buffets there were not enough tables and chairs to accommodate the amount of passengers on board. We had to eat our breakfast and lunches sitting on the floor as others stepped over us while we were eating. The buffett food was disgusting. We were so excited to eat greasy Burger King when we got off the ship. The pool (which wasn't even filled all the way, only about 3 feet deep) was inaccessible at all times due to the small size of the pool and the large amount of passengers on board. There was no entertainment that sounded interesting. If you are not a drinker or a gambler you will be bored. Both of us are 22 and 23 and both nights we were on this ship we were in bed no later than 10:00 and that was because we stayed up watching tv. There were nothing but constant announcements all day and into the late evening, which echoed throughout all 3 of our rooms. The ship was so confusing to find your way around and asking the staff was a task because they barely spoke english.

We took the Snorkeling/Blue Lagoon excursion (which we were pretty much forced to because they said that you could not go to any beaches unless they took you there for $60 per person). Snorkeling was fun, although it was a little difficult because you were snorkeling with about 150 other people in a small area. Be prepared to be kicked several times with peoples flippers. Blue Lagoon was gorgeous, although hard to swim because of the large quantity of huge rocks that stretch out about at least 100 feet from the beach. Basically find yourself a clear spot in knee deep water and just sit. Thats what we did. The food provided was gross.

We could go on and on with complaints, but this pretty much gets the point across for anyone thinking about this trip. Our suggestion, DO NOT GO ON THIS TRIP!!!

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