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Heather Hale

Age: 15


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty

Ship: Regal Empress

Sailing Date: N/A

Itinerary: Bahamas


Boarding was definitely the most stressful part. Be prepared for long lines and impatient people.

The ship:

The ship had a very distinctive smell. It was quite nauseating at first. The layout is difficult. I still couldn’t find my way around on the last day. I got lost trying to find my cabin every time I wanted to go back to the room. It was frustrating. There aren’t clocks on the ship. Anytime I wanted the time I had to ask someone, which was annoying. The activities on the boat are limited, especially for children and teenagers. My sister and I were really bored until we found some people that we could hang out with. Bingo is pretty much the only thing going on. The view is amazing from the ship. I suggest going to the front deck as much as possible. This was my favorite spot on the ship. The pool and hot tubs are filled with salt water, and they empty the pool and hot tubs at eight. The pool deck is crowed, as well.

The cabin:

Our cabin was incredibly small, but it worked. We were only in our room to sleep. The shower was tiny. I could barely move. I had to stick my leg on the toilet to shave my legs. I suggest shaving your legs right before you get on the ship, and hopefully you won’t need to shave while your on it. Water also gets all over the bathroom floor. I suggest putting down extra towels to soak up the excess water. The beds were really uncomfortable. My bed only had a sheet and a thin blanket, while my dad’s bed and my sister’s bed had a sheet, thin blanket, and a thin comforter. I was freezing both nights because my top bunk was right by the air conditioner vent.

The food:

They serve lunch the day you board. It’s just a buffet type lunch with an assortment of foods. I didn’t eat any of it, but it looked normal. Dinner the first night was good. Dinner is a la carte. The midnight buffet the first night is Italian food. Breakfast your second day is served in two places. You can go to the restaurant if you have time, and they make a “traditional” breakfast. You can also get a quick breakfast at the buffet. I didn’t really enjoy dinner the second night; it was okay, but nothing worth praise. The midnight buffet the second night is Mexican food. Breakfast on the third day is served in two places, but to have breakfast in the restaurant you have to be in there at six-thirty. The quick breakfast is also served at the buffet, and it’s pretty much the same food that was there the day before. Water and tea are provided, but the iced tea tastes like dirt. Milk and hot tea are provided at dinner on request. Orange is available at breakfast. Drink plenty of water. I was so dehydrated once I got off the ship. I was sick for about four days.

The crew:

I couldn’t say enough good things about the crew. Our waiter was so nice and helpful. Our busboy was very attentive, and kept everything orderly. The crew helped a lot with the questions I had. Our housekeeper was amazing. She cleaned every time we left the room. She was very friendly, as well. I really enjoyed all the crewmembers.

Extra charges:

There is a gratuity charge of $19.50 per person, which includes your six-month old son. Everybody that boards the ship pays a gratuity charge. Sodas and bottled water are extra. Soda is $ 1.75 a can and bottled water is $ 2.50 a bottle. Basically, everything but water and tea are extra.


I took the snorkeling and Blue Lagoon excursion. Snorkeling wasn’t that great. I couldn’t tell you how many times I got rammed in to. There is a large amount of people snorkeling in a very small space. Blue Lagoon was gorgeous. Lunch is served, but looking at it made me nauseous. They food wasn’t what they said it would be, which was disappointing. If you want to shop, you have to start boarding another boat at 1:45 to go to Nassau. It was rushed. I personally would not go on this excursion unless you want to go to the beach, but the cruise director made it seem like we had to go on an excursion or we were just going to be bored all day. You can take a ferry or taxi over to Paradise Island, and explore if you want. You don’t HAVE to take an excursion. It just wasn’t worth the money.

The pros:

1. It’s a short cruise, so if you don’t like it you aren’t on it for too long.
2. The marble cheesecake at dinner the first night was excellent.
3. There are paintings everywhere. Although, the paintings were mediocre, it still added some spice.
4. It’s a good way to meet new people from across the world.

The cons:

1. The main parts of the ship smelled like bananas, and the cabin halls smelled like a portable toilet.
2. The announcements that are made are extremely annoying. They are made in English first and then repeat in Spanish.
3. The activities are poorly planned out except Bingo. More activities are needed for children, teenagers, and adults that don’t enjoy gambling.
4. The ship needs to be renovated. It has a plain feeling.

Overall, I had a fun time because I met some new people. If you are expecting this cruise to be spectacular, you are very mistaken. It’s a nice three-day getaway. If you decide to go, make the best of it. If you are still considering, spend the extra money to take a nicer cruise. I’m sure it will be worth it.

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