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Age: 46

Occupation:Mortgage Loan Officer

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Imperial Majesty

Ship: Regal Empress

Sailing Date: October 27th, 2005

Itinerary: Bahamas

First let me say that if you like the BIG ship's and large fancy rooms you will not like this ship! The rooms are old and not fancy but ours was clean. How much time do you spend in the room on a 2 day cruise? The towels are Holiday Inn grade and the furnishings are not new.

The pool is small and the hot tubs and pools are over run with kids, so whats new, that is a problem on the big ships too. You need to blame the parents for this not the cruise lines. They have cruises for children and if taking them with you is what you want then choose one of those!!!

I found our cabin to be large enough and clean but the bathroom was quite small.We had upgraded to level 4.

We arrived in Ft Lauderdale just after Wilma had hit. The port had no power as with all of the surrounding areas. I find it commendable that the cruise went out at all. There was delay with boarding as they ran power cords from the ship to run the check in computers, the coast guard had to deem the building was safe enough for us to walk through, Pres Bush had just landed at the airport, many of the staff were stranded at airports all over the US, all things beyond control of the cruise lines. I am shocked they even tried to cruise as they were the only ship in the port and they only had 305 passengers. I would have been easier to call it off. The staff in the port that greeted us were very nice which is amazing since most of them had an hours notice to come to work and they had not power or water at home since Monday.

The food was very good and plentiful (its not 5-star, you did not pay for 5-star). We ordered 2 dinners each night and ate at the buffet one morning and the dining room the other. The dining room was better.

The staff was excellent. By day 2 everyone addressed you by first name and remembered what you drank. I found the entertainment as good as any other cruise. All the staff was friendly and helpful and truly seemed care that you were enjoying yourself. Also commendable considering that they also had had no sleep for days due to the Hurricane and short staffing. You have to remember 25% passengers means 25% pay for them. Most of the staff has been with this ship for years, that always tells me something about a company.

We did not take the shore excursion so I cannot comment on those. We took a boat to Atlantis did the aquariums, enjoyed the casino, went to the beach and the straw market. It was a little too rough to do the usual water things.

All in all I think the ship is fun, we will go again as I would rather have good service than a fancy room as I do not plan to spend my time in the room. On a 7 day cruise I would want more amenities but with this short of a cruise it was fine.

All in all if you want 6 gourmet meals a day, a fancy cabin with a big window, fancy bars and casinos, a big pool, hundreds of activities, fancy dress up dinners, don't take this ship. If you want to have fun, be taken care of by a fun staff and go to Nassua for a bargain price then try this ship!

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