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Cynthia Gawronski

Age: 31


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises

Ship: MSC Lirica

Sailing Date: December 10, 2005

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

I went on my first cruise with MSC. This was the worst experience ever. My husband and I went on a vacation without our daughter and had no expectations since it was our first cruise and just wanted to enjoy ourselves. We didn't know what to expect. However, I did not expect the treatment I received from the staff aboard the MSC Lirica.

I was returning from an excursion (provided by the ship) and was preparing to board the ship when a 6ft x 3ft glass panel fell from the top deck of the ship onto the loading dock below where my husband and I were standing. The panel hit the side of the ship shattered. My husband was able to get under a cover, but I was not close enough and was showered with large chunks of glass that hit me from 11 stories. I had my towel with me and was able to cover my head, but my legs were cut from the glass hitting the concrete and shattering. I stood there in shock and couldn't move for a while and my husband came to see if I was okay. No one from MSC asked if I was hurt or needed assistance. They told me that it was over and I needed to move along. My legs were bleeding, but I was to shaken to climb aboard the ship, so I moved to the side to get out of the way and tried to gather myself.

I stood there about 15 minutes and still no one asked if I was okay. I went on board and then went to reception to ask where the medical center was located. They told me that it was closed. I told them that I had been hit by the glass panel and then they called and had the Dr. open. They turned around and said, "it is on the 7th floor, do you know where that is?" Never even offered to assist me. I asked if they could show me where it was located. I got to the medical facility and there was another couple inside who had been injured by the falling glass. The man's face had been cut several times. They were extremely rude and unhelpful and treated us like we had broken the glass and caused the accident. We both filed accident reports and left the medical facility. Not once did ! they check on either of us to ask if we needed anything or if we were okay.

My husband wrote the cruise director a letter, to state how displeased he was with the way they handled the situation. They never responded. My travel agent emailed the regional sales director and he never responded. We filled out the cruises cooperate evaluation and they never responded. We will never travel with them again and they have turned me off from cruising again.

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