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Seth Shumaker

Age: 26

Occupation:medical professional

Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean

Ship: Majesty of the Seas

Sailing Date: December 30th, 2002

Itinerary: Bahamas

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean
Sailing Date: December 30th, 2002

This being my first cruise I was excited to board the Majesty of the Seas. However, from the arrival at Miami airport to the departure at the same, I must admit that I feel less relaxed and more stress than when I had begun. First, I felt as if there was no communication between the employees, or between the employees and passengers. This led to a feeling of confusion and frustration. We arrived at the Miami airport, didn’t know where to go so we just wandered around trying to find our way. Finally we found a Royal Caribbean employee (which you wouldn’t have known, he was carrying a tiny Celebrity Cruise sign.) He told us in a very abrupt manner to pick up our luggage and go to gate 13. Once again at the gate there was confusion. No one directing, no one leading just a bunch of traveler’s wondering what to do.

Anyway, we finally boarded a bus and headed to the ship. Once inside the terminal, it was the same story, no one to help no one to give direction to make the process easier, we were just left there to fend for ourselves. I could go on and on with stories of these confusions, but I will relent and move on. Secondly, there was the matter of cleanliness. We arrived on the ship right after the news stories about ill passengers being removed. In my mind, I thought that cleanliness would have been a top priority to alleviate any further illness, but I was wrong. The first night, my mother pulled back the blanket exposing a tennis ball sized bloodstain on the sheet. When we called housekeeping regarding the stain, a steward came to the room, handed us a sheet, and told us that we had to change it ourselves. That’s mighty fine customer service if you ask me.

Finally we arrived at our first shore excursion, the Bahamas. We were scheduled to be on the Bahamas till midnight, but upon arriving we were told our ship had to sail by six p.m., so we were cheated out of a full 6 hours of our trip. Now, I must stop here and say that the Bahamas are lovely and that anyone planning a trip to the Eastern Caribbean should make the Bahamas a key point to visit. So we set sail at six o’clock. That evening we did have a wonderful time at the New Year’s Party, and the crew did a lovely job hosting it. However, due to damage of my luggage cause by the baggage handlers of the cruise line, my black dress socks were missing out of my bag so I had to walk around with white socks on while dressed in a black suit with black shoes, Very Classy. The next day we arrived at our second destination, Cocoa Cay, the cruise line’s private island. We were to be on the island all day; however, we were not allowed to go to the island because of “inclement” weather. When I looked outside, I saw some clouds and a slight breeze. In my opinion, it is no reason to cancel a whole day that thousands of passengers had paid for. So we floated around the ocean for a whole day doing nothing.

Thursday, we arrived at Key West, Florida. Key West was fabulous, and was the best part of the trip. But once again the day started in hassle. We were to disembark around 10 A.M., however because of disorganization combined with immigration, we were unable to disembark until 1 P.M., a whole 3 hours wasted. So out of a four night/five day cruise which consisted of 60 hours, we were able to be off the boat on excursion for only 14 hours when originally we were to have about 36 hours of excursion time. So we got less than half of what we paid for. Now while on Key West, I purchased a leather suitcase to replace the one that Royal Caribbean baggage handlers had broken.

We told the purser that night that we had an early flight to catch the next morning. He told us that everyone would be off the ship by 9 A.M. We were fine with this estimation of time that would give us ample time to reach the airline. Well, being that we were dismissed by color code, we were the last color off the ship at 10:00 A.M. We then had to go once again claim our luggage. Now remember that new leather suitcase bought in Key West? When I picked it up for the baggage claim, the handle had been ripped off of it. A brand new suitcase ruined in less than 12 hours by the baggage handlers. Well after claiming my damaged luggage, I went and stood in the very long customs line, at which point another dock worker tried to run us all over with his luggage cart yelling, “Get out of my way.” I guess he was getting a good tip to be pushing others out of the way to get to the front. Well we got out into the parking lot around 10:30, now mind you our flight leaves at 12:15. So we sit and wait, sit and wait, finally at 11:00 we leave the terminal. Needless to say we make it to our flight, ONLY, because it was delayed by 45 minutes. Anyway, once again I could go on with story after story, but I shouldn’t have to. This cruise was appalling! I have never dealt with a company that is so ignorant towards its customers. I would NEVER go on another Royal Caribbean cruise, nor will I recommend them to anyone.

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