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Age: 43


Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises

Ship: MSC Opera

Sailing Date: 2013-01-18

Itinerary: South Africa

CABIN 10199

The staff on boarding could speak very little English and we were sent from pillar to post regarding the on board recharging of accounts and eventually just went up to our cabin.

The cabin at first glance seemed well appropriated except for the shower which was minuet (I have cruised several times before and have never seen such a small shower) what does a large person do?

The hand soap dispenser was empty and remained so throughout the cruise.

The cupboards were unclaimed, the beside tables were filthy, the lamp stands, windowsill, dresser, TV and TV stand were caked in dust.

The night frills, bedspreads and scatters were filthy and stank.

The drinking glasses in the cabin were never washed throughout the cruise.

The cabin was situated under the buffet tables and chairs, the scraping of the furniture from 06:00 to midnight was like receiving Chinese torture and we were unable sleep.

We complained several times a day and were given the option to change cabins, the first was situated on deck 9 right at the end and stank of cigarettes and the door to the outside deck slammed continuously as passenger went outside to smoke. The second cabin also on deck 9 was uncleaned from the previous passengers and had pubic hairs in the bed so we had no choice but to stay in cabin 10199. With the 54 carpenters the Opera boasts are you telling me that not one could come up with a solution to the problem with sticking felt pads around the legs, or even cut up towels. Laura also told us that there had been complaints on the previous cruise about the noise and all the cabins on our floor said the same.

The guest relations staff were both rude, incompetent and to be honest should be fired.


The pool area was an absolute joke!!! How on earth does MSC expect 1700 plus pax to fit around and or in those two tiny excuses for swimming pools??? There was no adult supervision, children and adults diving in running around like hooligans.


The entertainment was a joke, how on earth could you subject the passengers to local entertainers especially in the bars that should have had their vocal cords removed it was intolerable.

The DSTV did not work from day two so we were subject to the replaying of the movies over, and over, and over, and over again.


The buffet area does accommodate all passengers and one generally had stand around waiting for a table for hours. The crockery and cutlery after the second day were filthy and had to be put under boiling water ourselves in order to get rid of old food.


By day two the hand sanitizers were empty and never refilled throughout the duration of the cruise.

The crockery and cutlery was disgusting, cups filthy old lipstick marks, dried remains of drinks, food on bottom of plates, we had to rinse everything under boiling water.

The public toilets were a disgrace with the calibre of passenger it was no surprise I am sure many had never seen a working toilet before.


There was a shortage of certain cold drinks.

The ship ran out of grapefruit.

The apples sent to the room which we paid for were rotten.

I would like to know what the cheapest price was that this cruise was sold for, the calibre of passengers was a disgrace, the children on the boat were intolerable, there were drugs being sold on ship and we were told that several passengers were arrested and taken off the ship in Madagascar.

The majority of the staff were unable to understand or speak English.

Passengers were not well informed of how, where or anything in fact regarding the island stops. We had to generally figure it out ourselves.

Children were wild, drunk, noisy and uncontrolled.

The staff in the all the shops excepting the Duty Free Shop were unhelpful and to be honest just down right miserable.

There was not one adult area throughout the ship.

I have never experienced a more disgusting, horrific, filthy cruise.

I am flabbergasted that MSC has the audacity to have the amount of passengers on board they do when they are unable facilitate them in any way or means. The general cleanliness of the ship leaves one gobsmacked to say the least!!!

MSC Cruises claims to be an international liner but is by no means in line with international standards.

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