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Age: 38

Occupation:Correctional Officer

Number of Cruises: 11

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises

Ship: MSC Orchestra

Sailing Date: 2009-03-28

Itinerary: Eastern

This was the worst experience I have ever had. I wanted to get off the ship after two days and go home. Everything about this cruise line was horrible; especially the staff.

The food was disgusting. They offered the same items everyday at breakfast at the buffet. There was no omlet station as on other cruise lines. They acutally fried eggs and put them into a pan so the yolks, if broken, were all over the others in the pan. It was disgusting to me. Some people raved about the pizza. They had two different kinds of pizza: the lunch pizza was different from the evening pizza. The evening pizza was better. There is not food available 24hrs as the other cruise ships. The pizza closed at 9:00 pm. Leaving only room service available but that was also limited. Everything offered had mayonaise on it, therefore if you don't like mayo it will be very difficult for you. Needless to say, we ended up getting pizza for our kids directly after our sit down dinner upstairs. The Dinners in the dining room were OK. Plan on staying at least two to three hours to complete a meal. The lobster was dry and stuck to the shell and you were only served a half of one. All of the desserts were bad. They cook their pasta a lot harder than the USA. Everyone was complaining about that. This was the first time I took a cruise and lost weight (not a bad thing for me). Plan on paying for ice cream, nothing is free on this cruise. Also, plan on paying for lunch on their private island because there is no free BBQ lunch like Royal Carribbean offers. You pay for everything on this cruise line.

When we arrived on the ship, the first thing I noticed was there was no couch area in the room. There was only enough room around the king sized bed to barely get in it. We had our two teen aged sons with us and when their bunk beds were dropped there was no room at all. The showers seemed smaller than other ships also. When I was unpacking our hygeine items and placing them in the bathroom , I noticed the shower had not been cleaned at all. There was still a bar of soap melted in the shampoo holder, it was disgusting. They barley clean up at all. I had to ask for clean towels four or five times and four nights in a row. You have to put your room key in the slot to get lights. There were no towel animals or chocolates; it was terrible in comparison to what we're used to.

Activities? What activities? There were maybe two or three a day compared to Carvinal's and Royal Carribbeans continual all day activities. We were extremely bored.

We didnt participate in any excursions. Some friends of ours booked one and the cruise line cancelled and said there were not enough people.

If anyone is researching this cruise line, take my advice and DO NOT book a cruise with this ship. You will hate everything about it. I was miserable because I was used to Carnival and Royal Carribean.

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