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Stuart Rice

Age: 43

Occupation:Travel Agent

Number of Cruises: 15

Cruise Line: MSC Cruises

Ship: MSC Orchestra

Sailing Date: 2010-07-3

Itinerary: Norwegian Fjords

FOUL....dont bother with this cruise at all.

Food was ABYSMAL....the brochure lies. We were expecting good Italian food. Soups were like walpaper paste. Salads came swimming in water with diluted down dressings. Pasta was the best but tasted like frozen food. Main courses were disappointing, Too salty or not enough. Desserts were like those you would make if you opened up a packet. Table cloths were overused they looked worn down. Seats were stained, Plates were chipped. It was a sad state of affairs. 1 night out of 7 we had edible food. Room service was an extra charge and was a JOKE. ALternate restaurants were just bare. The buffet closed at 600pm and was like a slop kitchen. I have never seen such awful food put in front of people. They were lining up to get fries. It was dirty, poorly serviced. All staff wanted to do was to sell you drinks.

Run down. Bed cover had been used so much it was bobbly and was never replaces. carpet was threadbare. Robes were dirty. Towels were rationed. Room steward really didnt give a damn

There werent any. Everything revolved around you getting drunk. There were SO many bars on the ship. Nothing else. Entertainment was a JOKE. We stood it for 15 mins. TV in cabin was 3 free channels they could get off satelite. Was lied to about WIFI being available in room.....was given a 50 yard long cable to run around the room. Internet was horrifically expensive and not working even though I was assured it would. I was told satelites were not positioned for us yet my cell phone seemed to work just fine.

Excursions were a double priced con. Good but double what you could get elsewhere. We did the Flaams Bahn ourselves per our guidebook and it cost us 30% of what we bought on the ship.

Underage youths who were overall scruffy and really were in this as a summer job. Didnt give a damn. No order....people pushed in front of you all over and staff did nothing to do this. COmplaints were met with laughs. I took it up with the chief purser and he said there was nothing I could do. No differenc ein categories either. We paid full fare all we got was a higher deck but ALL cabins are the same size and everyone eats the same food. Loads of people on the kids come for free and you could see they were getting exactly the same we had paid 6 times for. Boarding was a JOKE. Noone to help in CPH.....went up and down decks on the ship lugging carry on after a 15 hour was day coming back on ship scanners were going off like crazy ...put the same guy through 3 times and it still beeped so they let him on.......I aksed them why we were doing this? It was like a Mafia ran vessel. Tried to get $$ back to no avail. Customer service post cruise is none existant. I would NEVER go on this cruise company again

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