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Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Epic

Sailing Date: 2010-07-28

Itinerary: eastern caribbean

The Epic is a beautiful, gigantic ship. That is as far as it goes as far as I am concerned. The cruise was just alright and average. My husband and I took the 7 day Eastern Caribbean cruise last week. We expected luxury for the price we paid and all the hype of this enourmous ship. What we got was disappointment after disappointment for the most part. The food, entertainment, service, and amenities were average at best. We did hear that the private deck of the ship, which costs extra and has it's own private dining and pool, was wonderful and the passengers were treated like royals. We believe that ALL passengers should be treated as such. We all work hard for our money and are paying for an experience like no other. Us low lifes in the $5000 staterooms complained a lot amongst each other.

The food was average to boring. You know it's bad when you miss your home cooking or think you can cook better than the "fancy restaurants" on the ship. The buffet was average. The two main dining rooms that were included in your cruise were average as well. What blew my mind was that they both had the exact same menu! That is so wrong. If you want better food you have to pay extra for it at one of the many upscale restaurants onboard. We ate at Le Bistro and that was the best steak we have ever had. We paid $100 extra for it, but it was hot and melted in your mouth! The other upscale restaurants were a huge disappointment.
Room service was ridiculous. Half the time they never answered the phone. When they did answer it was a 50/50 chance they'd have what you asked for. I ordered a muffin basket and glass of juice one morning and she said it would be there in 45 minutes!!!!!!

The stateroom was decorated nicely BUT, the design was too far out there. If you wanted electricity you had to keep your keycard in this slot by the light switch. There was only one standard outlet in the room. The bed was very short. I am 5'2 and my feet went to the end of the round bed. There was no privacy in the bathroom!! The toilet area felt like a porta potty. No vent/no privacy. The toilet seats onboard the ship were AWFUL!!!! The seat was the same size as the rim!! You had to balance b/c you felt like you were falling in. Surely a woman did not design such an awful, flawed seat! There is no iron or ironing board in the room. No one tells you this and it is not written anywhere! Bring hangers. Lots of closet hangers for them all. Just hangers in one closet only. They do provide you with a robe, which is nice.

The entertainment was a huge diappointment. We usually cruise with Royal Caribbean and love their shows!! So we had something to compare it to. The Second City, which is what they advertise as one of their big acts, was so boring. We heard numerous people complain about them. The show was only 35 min. or so. It was not a good one. A comedian onboard would have been much more fun! The Blue Man group was alright. Some parts were amazing and other parts were so weird and out there. We sat and watched them eat Captain Crunch for 15 minutes! That is not what I call entertainment! I watch my two year old eat it all the time! The Cirque Dinner was alright. It ran way too long and it was if they inserted off the wall parts to take up time. Stick to the acrobats and leave out the nonsense. The best two shows were the celebrity impersonators and the magic show!!! OUTSTANDING! The magic show should be booked as a feature act....not an 11 o'clock at night show only! The other highlight was Bernie Martini the piano man who sang Sinatra, Billy Joel and Michael Buble. He should also be a main act on the ship. Not stuck in a hallway of traffic while he's trying to sing for us!

I had no problems with our ports. They were beautiful. My advice is do not book an excursion on the ship! It is highway robbery! Get off the ship and I assure you a cab driver of some sort will approach you and for a mere $10 a person will take you on a fabulous, private tour of the island. We had the best tours of each island doing it this way.

The pools are not pools at all on this ship. They are more like 4 ft. hot tubs. It is a shame. The water slides are amazing! The adult pool is so pitiful. Three couples and it is full. There is a huge tv playing the exciting caribbean game of golf. Fun times huh? Golf? Really? The next day they played a cartoon? Cartoons at the adult pool? There is only one pool bar, located at the family hot tubs, I mean pools, to serve 4,000 guests. That is poor planning. There should have been an adult only bar and tropical music playing. The kiddie pool area rocked! Those kids were hooked up! Meanwhile the adults had to draw numbers to see which three couples could get in the pool next. So, we will not be traveling NCL again. We will stick to our trusty Royal Caribbean Voyager.

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