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Brian Lashchuk

Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 17

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norway

Sailing Date: December 1st, 2002

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

This was my 17th cruise and first on the Norway. When I went on this ship I knew it was old and I was not expecting much, but I really had an awesome time. The ship was totally awesome. The ship was well maintained for being old. I was expecting the worst. The inside state rooms were clean. I found that the Norway was more cleaner than some of the Royal Caribbean ships.

The food was good. I was not expecting much, but I thought they had a good verity of food to chose from. The food is not as good as other cruise lines but for the price you pay who cares. I found that the food in the dinning room and Lido deck was good with a great verity. This was the first cruise that I had Orion rings, real pigs that they carve, orsters and even caviar and snails. Even Princes and Holland America doesn't have that. The service in the dinning room was great. We were in the old first class dinning room very cool, but was very loud due to the dome ceiling. That was the only bad thing. You also had free ice cream every day for lunch. Did I say it was free! Unlike Princes where you have to pay for ice cream. The room Service was ok. The peanut butter sandwich was good, but the cheese sandwich was pretty sick.

Club International was my favorite part of the ship. It was also the coldest place on the ship. It's also Haunted by ghost just ask the employees.

The Entertainment was very good. I thought it was up there with Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

The age of the passengers were late 30's to 80's. Our table partner was in her 70's. Im 23 years old and I felt fine around everyone. Also, It's not fancy. Some person said you have to dress up often on the Norway. That is false. It's not dressy or stuck up.

This ship is awesome. You will get a great cruise for the cheap price. You will never be on a ship like this again, so go on it before its to late. Their will always be the Ocean Princes, Star Princes, Vision of the seas exc,,, But, their will never be a Norway again.

Try to find the secret place on the Norway. Its on F deck its a small black door it will lead you under the pool which use to be a court yard for first class passengers and it's rumored of being haunted.

You were not harassed by crew selling you drinks at all on the ship. It was very nice not to be asked "do you want something from the bar?" The only time you were asked to buy drinks was at the Private Island. They were basically in the trees trying to sell you a drink.

You tender in every port. The Norway only has two tenders that holds up to 450 passengers so at times when its full you can wait up to 1hr on the tender. Also, sometimes it gets rough so the tender will be flying all over the place. At the privet island a Royal Caribbean ship left because it was to rough to tender, but the Norway could since the tenders were so big. So on the way back we got stuck in very rough water the waves were hitting the top of the tender where I was sitting. I was soaked. Then one big wave hit and smooched us down. Water went flying everywhere and then from that I I cracked the seat in the tender. It is the very front seat on the top left. You can say I left my mark.

This ship has so much history and is just so much fun to go on. If your looking for a cheaper cruise and want a good time I strongly suggest to go on the Norway.

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Brian Lashchuk


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