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Age: 30

Occupation:travel agent

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norway

Sailing Date: December 1st, 2002

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

WOW...where to start. Let me firstly say that this was a great expierence for me. I think that most people can agree that your vacation is what you make it. Sure, errors can happen...but just think about how many errors we all make on land every day. I suppose it would be fair to give the staff on the Norway the same benefit. It has just angered me to see all these complaints about the staff, when they probably are trying to do their best. In fact, when I was aboard the Norway...every single person was awsome! Even when we had discrepancies with the sign and sail paper, it was handled professionally and courteously!

I will say that embarkation could be a bit smoother and quicker. It's too bad that when you get on the don't walk into a very large area. On the is a very small area and congested. If all goes well, you do move through there quickly, but if there is a problem with your ID card, you are stuck in there for a bit.

Take the advice on the elevators...DO NOT TAKE THEM! There are not enough of them. Save them for the people that really need them. This is an "older crowd" ship...but if you can walk the steps..please do so. (much quicker!)

Everything else that we did was fantastic. I want to drop a few names too. When in the Sports Bar, if Randeep is still around..have him be your waiter! He has card tricks, toothpick tricks, and many jokes for you. I think he likes showing them as much as we like seeing them! He is very sweet and he will take care of you. Kudos to Randeep!

In the dining room, we had an awesome waiter named took him a day or so to warm up to us, but after that we had a hard time keeping him quiet. He danced for us(all women!)..and was very informative about all the meals.(I have a nut allergy...and he always kept that in mind when recommending something!) Big kudos to him too!

Then there is this little funny wise guy..named Clement Lobo. Watch this guy!! He is a trickster..and he is hilarious! He harassed us (mostly me) all week..but it was enjoyable. You never knew where he would show up..and it kept us smiling!

Dining tip: cream soups are the best..and order something from every category!
Our room steward was Phil..and he was incredible. Every day..he washed our cocktail glasses out and lined them up near the bar area or the shelf coming ion the room. The room was wonderful...even the roll-aways were comfy. We had a balcony cabin on the Fjord deck...with an exceptional view. (overlooking basketball area) and had so much fun hooting and hollaring at the guys/kids playing.

We also want to recognize Alex..the a guy. If you have a'll get concierge service..and you should use it! He can create call him..even if you think it is silly! Love you Alex! Thanks again!

Island at St Maarten...St Thomas is more pricey...even for alcohol and cigarettes. Do tours...see the island, don't just shop like I did. I have regrets about that.
Enjoy the private that was fantastic too..and the pound cake was to die for there.

Everything was great thanks to the crew of the Norway. We never wanted a thing, never needed a thing, never had to wait to long for anything. I highly recommend this ship...unless you expect perfection...but then I'd recommend you staying home. There are problems on every me..I am a travel agent...I hear them all. What counts is that you have a good attitude, and be grateful that you are able to enjoy life still.

That said, have a great day..and happy sailing!

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