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Amy Baker

Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norway

Sailing Date: August 19th, 2002

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

This was my second cruise, and overall, I was very pleased.

We had the lowest level room, and found it to be fine. The room was kept clean, and we had no complaints there. Our room service guy recognized us and talked and joked with us every time we passed in the hallways.

I found the food to be great, with a wide variety, and I really appreciated the low-fat options. Our server and his assistants were all wonderful as well, with very friendly and accomodating personalities. If we didn't care for what we selected, he would whisk it away and bring whatever else we desired, without hesitation or guilt, making us feel gree to order more exotic choices we would be afraid to try anywhere else.

I found all of the entertainers do be fabulous, from comedians, to singers, to dancers, to theatre productions. The dance couple was even available to give private latin dance lessons (for an additional charge).

The entire staff really went out of their way to make you feel at hom and to make SURE you were having a great time. They were very lively and personable. They definitely made the trip.

The boat is older, so those wanting brand new boats would probably not like this ship - however, I still found the facilities to be nice and felt luxurious to me!!

As far as negatives go, there really weren't too many. I did wish the pool was bigger - there was literally no room to get in at all on most days, and the jacuzzi was on the very top of the built, which made for great romance, but with all the wind, was also very cold!!! Not to mention it was run over by kids.

The kids there seemed to have a blast. The kids groups were adorable, and you often saw them marching by on their way to an activity, singing and laughing.

There was plenty to do in after dinner hours as well.

Beware the internet cafe - charges are ridiculous, and they will sneak extra charges on there for times you didn't log on. Once you use their internet, you are fair game to whatever charges they want to put on there. I tried disputing mine, but its their word against yours, and your word doesn't mean anything to them when it comes to charges.

Drinks were really good and strong, but be careful, the dollars for those add up quickly too!! (as they will on any cruise)

In addition, the Norway has its own "tenders", which are little boats that they float you out on to get you to the islands that you visit. Almost all the other cruise lines do not have these, and therefore have to wait for a ferry to go back and forth to the boat in order to get everyone ashore. While this seems like a great advantage, the Norway did not use it as such. They loaded us all onto the tender, and then proceeded to let us sit there and roast in the sun, stranded upon that little boat, so that another ship that pulled in behind us could load up their ferry and go BEFORE US!!!!! They wouldn't admit it, saying that they were waiting for clearance, but apparently, in hierarchy, the Norway didn't rank well and even boats that arrived after us still got to the island before we did. Kinda kills the point of having your own tender. In addition, you have to wait to be called to get onto the tenders, and obviously those high-class travelers booked in the costly suites get to get on the tenders first. (think Titanic) So that was unfortunate.

Overall, despite some aggravating points, this was a good cruise, and was much better than my previous cruise experience. The staff was incredible (with the exception of the internet cafe and the tender people). Everyone seemed to highly enjoy themselves, and I would definitely encourage others to sail the Norway, especially since their rates are so great!!!

Definitely do not miss their private Bahamas island - the staff makes this a great and cozy experience on their private little island!!

Best of luck, and feel free to write me with any questions!!!

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