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Age: 60

Occupation:interior designer

Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Epic

Sailing Date: 2010-12-4

Itinerary: eastern carribean

Please be prepared for little room and lots of standing around. At one point during the morning, we saw smoke pouring out of the sky. Then the smoke turned into heavy blackish brown smoke and the power stopped. The engines stopped and the loud speaker said " CODE BRAVO CODE BRAVO". We had previously all been warned during our mandatory fire drill that a fire on the ship was the most dangerous thing that could possibly happen.
Naturally, the passengers started to get nervous and the staff seemed nervous. After about half an hour or so, power was restored, and everything was alright , apparently. We never heard another word about it.

The food was forgettable and sometimes a dissappointment. The Garden Cafe was a large buffet which is accessable without a wait, which we found ourselves gravitating to more and more. Besides, it was free. This was hit or miss with quality, but I was okay with it. I had a few things that were pretty good here. Each night they featured a different theme. I cannot think of one thing that was outstanding however. Cruises I had gone on in the past featured lavish ice carvings and chocolate buffets. None of that here. Customers do notice details.

It was modern and functional. It was compact and rounded with a good size deck. The bedding was a duvet type white coverlet and quite cozy. The television did not have much to offer besides about three channels and pay movies. Our room was right off the back of the ship and I dont know if that has anything to do with this but we felt a lot of movement and noise. The cabin creeked and shifted everytime the boat veered and it made lots of noises all night. Sometimes the deck door would come flying open in the middle of the night despite being locked scaring me half to death.....sounds of the crashing wake below me.
I thought that the stateroom service was good.

Blue Man Group was the highlight of the trip and it was FREE.
Cirque of Dreams should be renamed Cirque of Nightmares, because it was a gigantic mess from start to finish.
Run , do not walk, from this band of gypsy acrobats and vaudvillians that change their costumes every three minutes in the same kitchen that is preparing your food! At given points throughout the show, the poor waiters, who they have dressed up like organ grinder monkeys, have to perform in the show. All of this is happening while you are sitting in the midst of it, in an overcrowded garrish small room with swinging acrobats and a man with a huge puppet on his lap trying to talk to you while you are eating your meal. The show has a dark edge with a show girl that keeps making suggestive "casting couch" type remarks, and a couple of shady type producer characters. This is all presented in an "opereta style" singing, if you can imagine. The show makes no sense from start to finish and is annoying . Very amaturish!

We went to the French side of St Maartin and were dissapointed. There is no infrastructure and it is rundown and nothing neat there to see. We ate lunch at a French restaurant and it was nothing special and it was expensive.
However, St Thomas was beautiful and much nicer. Much more developed and I thought prettier. We took an open type transfer up the hills to Magans Bay. The bus ride up was fun and very scenic. The scenic overlook of the bay was breathtaking and worth the price of the excursion. The trip down to the beach itself was dissapointing though because they allow too many cruise visitors on the beach at once. It was packed. The water was very cold, which I was too stupid to realize ( cause I am from florida I guess ) , so that surprised me. I thought if I ever return someday to the carribean, I would fly to St Thomas and stay at a resort.

For me, 7 days is just too long to be a on a ship. Thats all. Also, for me, alcohol and gambling isnt my bag. But if you like to blow lots of cash and drink and gamble, then it is the place to be!

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