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Age: 21


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Dawn

Sailing Date: 2012-05-31

Itinerary: Wedding

My time on the Norwegian Cruise Line was an alright experience although I have to say I was hoping for a little bit more from the employees/staff.

I felt the restaurants on the boat offered much better food than the buffet itself. Every day I felt like the buffet was a hit or miss because sometimes the food was either too dry or cold. Their pizza in the buffet was horrific, talk about flat, stiff, and not even tasty! Another food I noticed was never good was their home-fries which looked as if they had been sitting under the heating lamps a little too long. Both my fiance and I ate at their Italian restaurant on board which was extremely delicious and offered an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Just an FYI: any drinks you buy at a restaurant are NOT included with your meal meaning, you pay for it yourself. We also ate at the steak restaurant on board which was phenomenal!

Our stateroom was alright, the carpet in particular looked like it was very worn out. Our balcony had peeling wood coming off (definitely not safe for young children!) and our chairs/table on the balcony looked a bit rusty. I was surprised they didn't ensure that each balcony maintained a certain presence but who knows. The bathroom though was great, very large and even the shower wasn't too small. One thing I found annoying though was that each room didn't come with an iron or ironing board. You had to call the front desk and ask them to bring one up which if you didn't return within a couple hours, they would just come to your room and take it back (whether you were done with it or not mind you).

FYI: some of the on board activities are a RIP OFF! One day my fiance, myself, and his two step-brothers wanted to go play bingo. Once we saw it cost $32 for just ONE card we both turned around and said, "Yeah, that's a rip off!" At night there was a club on the ship that stayed open from 12am-closing, nothing special but beefed up guys and terrible music. One of the only places most of us hung out at on the boat at night was the British Pub because it offered the most entertainment. My fiance and I didn't see any shows on the cruise so I can't comment on those.

My fiance and his family decided to go snorkeling on the last day of our cruise but of course, it ended up being a terrible day with very high waves. When we called the place to cancel our excursion they said everything was fine and that they didn't allow cancellations. Imagine a group of people, out in the middle of the ocean trying to snorkel except huge waves would go over our snorkel gear and get water in our mouths. Salt water mind you which both my fiance and mother-in-law choked on several times while trying to enjoy ourselves. All the while this is happening, one of the employees is shouting from the boat, "Just put your head down and relax.." Yeah, okay buddy..

It was alright, certainly could have been better!

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