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David Spiker

Age: 32

Occupation:Network Architect

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Dawn

Sailing Date: June 24th, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

My wife and I were disappointed by our very expensive cruise. The boarding procedures was an unorganized mess. NCL funneled thousands of passengers into a filthy New York pier for 2 hours. When they finally called our numbers around 3pm to board, they had us walk 2 city blocks to the ship. We couldn't help but notice the families with babies struggling with strollers, carryons and little ones. Once onboard, my wife and I did not get our luggage until 10pm that evening.

The food was nothing to write home about. The "free" restaurants are always mobbed and it took us at least 30 minutes to be seated. Once seated, the waiter treated us like pariahs. He got even more petulant once we decided not to order wine. My wife had to get up out of her seat and walk over to get her water refilled. Having ordered drinks all cruise long without batting an eyelash, we had no idea the one night we refrained would be so insulting to the wait staff. The next night at the Venetion (the other "free" eatery) was no different.

The shows were sad. The magician fumbled his most mezmerizing trick leaving the kids in the audience chuckling and all of us disappointed. There was only 1 tiny nightclub where the teenagers danced until the lights went on. Another club where adults could enjoy themselves would have been nice.

The worst part was the scam we experienced onboard. During the art auction, my wife and I purchased over $600 worth of art which 8 weeks later we have yet to receive. I contacted the Fine Art Wholesalers which is the company peddling the art and the company we signed the purchasing contract with. They told us we would NOT be receiving the art we already paid for because NCL had not paid their bill with them. Her advise was to contact my credit card company which I did. The credit card company advised me the NCL charge was a one line item where they could not verify a third party purchase. I then contacted NCL. One representative told me I had 2 options. Option 1. contact the new art dealer so they could send us the art or 2. get a refund. Having felt violated, I opted for a refund. Off to customer relations they sent me. Karnett from NCL's customer relations team informed me the information I had received from their representative was incorrect. My only option, according to Karnett was to contact their new art dealer to see if the art I had purchased was available. NO refund could be offered. Karnett gave me a phone number which when I called, was out of service. I called NCL back and Katie Anne confirmed the same information Karnett gave me and gave me an updated phone number. That number was also out of service. I called back NCL where Jennifer told me the number I had was the correct one and to try again in 10 minutes she then HUNG UP ON ME.

Luckily I contacted Amex again with the latest update to the scam NCL perpetrated they were able to refund the $699 charge from the NCL line item charge and is disputing it with NCL.

My entire family and friends were planning a cruise together, kids included. NCL will not be a contendor for our business or any of their future vacationing endeavors. I will never take this cruise line again.

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