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Jane Dom

Age: 44

Occupation:Resort Owner

Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Dream

Sailing Date: November 21st, 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

After looking at the dismal reviews for this ship, we were verry apprehensive about booking with NCL DREAM . However we were glad we went full speed ahead and booked anyways. We made the right choice! The crew was soo friendly; NCL has way better service than Carnival.

Free Styling for our large family is the best way to go. We had no schedules to meet and it was fun to go around the restaurants each day to see where we “might”consider eating next!! The food portions are small, which in my opinion was great because we were able to try EVERYTHING. Appetizers, Soup, Salad, main Dish and dessert! So when you order dinner and cant decide what to get ..don’t bother..get it all! We never ate at Li Bistro, but we had heard from several people that the food was awesome there. We did not have any of the long wait problems that I read about (there was a total of 9 of us) except for Thanksgiving evening..which was understandable..everyone decided to eat at 7:00 pm! Best times to eat for 6 or more persons is after 8:00pm.

We brought alcohol on board one bottle made it on board but for the other suitcase I was notified by a note on my door that “security” has my suitcase and needs me to come and pick it up. I went where I was told (on board) and they pleasantly asked me to remove the bottle from my suitcase and I can keep it for a 10.00 cork fee, or they will hold it to the end of my stay. Since they failed to realize there was another bottle in that same suitcase. I opted for the 10.00 fee and kept my bottle. At 6.75 a drink that saved us plenty!

We bought the soda card and only needed one per family, since you can go to any bar and get a refill (you just can only order one soda at a time). The reason for my frugalness is that we have 4 children so we prefer to spend our money on souvenirs and shore excursions!

We had a balcony room (back end it was very choppy a couple of nights) You do not feel that much towards the front of the boat. but we used the patch and my husband who didn’t, was not affected by the motions either. Pay the extra money for a balcony! It’s worth it! ! I will ALWAYS have a balcony for the rest of my cruises!!

They do not have a laundry on board. You can send items out but it expensive (by the piece!)!!If you wait till Wednesday they have all you can fit in a bag for 9.50.

Kids program was GREAT!! My kids LOVED it and they had a talent show for the kids on the last day. The kids did NOT want to go but I made them. Try it for the first 2 days..They ended up having 15 friends and begging me to take them there the rest of the trip!
Here’s a few things to remember when packing …

Men -3 pair of dress slacks is plenty. One suit Jacket is fine. Only needed one night. No Jeans or Shorts for dinner. The first night they let you dress anyway you want.

Ladies I brought 2 fancy dress and 3 casual. All I needed was 1 fancy and 4 casual..(much cooler than wearing slacks) NCL provides Shampoo and soap. & a blow dryer.

Don’t get your hair done on this cruise. My son and I did and got the worst hair cuts for 30.00 each!

Pack extra Duffle bags to bring home your souvenirs. Don’t go crazy shopping BEFORE the cruise for clothes. There are GREAT deals on board and on the Islands for clothing!
Bring Travel Iron (I found it handy anyways

Bring a few bottled water since the ones in your room are 3.00 a bottle!

Order your room service at night for the next morning coffee. You just leave a card on your door knob requesting whatever time you want for the AM. Otherwise you may have to wait a ½ for coffee unless you walk up to lido.

2 way radios were handy on this trip and if you are traveling with a group..One your first day pick one outside bar and one inside bar that everyone enjoys and meet there! Otherwise you will end up walking around the entire ship looking for everyone!

Don’t bring towels! They have plenty by the pool and even let you borrow them for shore excursions!

If you pack Liquor wrap sandals around them so the bottle can’t be seen by X-rays. Then wrap them in a towel. Bring extra cups they are not provided in the room.

Plastic baggies for those wet suites on shore excursions..and a clock since there are none in the rooms.

After purchasing liquor on the Islands(as gifts) Staff did not take them from me once on board!! I didn’t even try to hide them, I just assumed they would take them as carnival did.

Cozumel: Playa Mia is a Kiddy wonderland..My kids LOVED it and I would do it again with them. However if you don’t have kids opt for something more peaceful!

Cozumel is one of the cheapest places to buy souvenirs so get them here!

Belize..Not enough time in the day to do anything with out worrying about missing the boat. Just a big place to shop and they are more pricy.

Honduras: Mayan Princess Resort. BEAUTIFUL! But there are pesty peddlers right on the beach trying to sell you anything. Glad I got to see it, but I would try that Fantasy Island next time.
As soon as you leave the boat there are TONS of “Island” guides& Taxi’s ready to take you
Wherever you want to go. Prices are reasonable for transportation so no need to plan ahead.

Cancoon..over built metropolis!! Waited for the “cruise” bus’s to take us “downtown” and you can just hop on the local transportation buses and get there faster!

Don’t try and pre plan an excursion for each Island..(Unless] traveling during PRIME season.. like Spring Break)

We had bad weather in Belize and Cancoon..and would have certainly hated the fact I planned a beach or cave tuning trip! Do research on all the excursions and take your notes with you. NCL did not offer all of the excursions I noticed on the Internet and I wished I brought my notes! Then wait till you are on board and checkout the weather..then go down to the cruise services and reserve your trip. We had no problems on availability for excursions for this trip.

I would do this cruise again and again!

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