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Donna Enlow

Age: 36

Occupation:Legal Secretary

Number of Cruises: 5

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Dream

Sailing Date: January 9th, 2005

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

This ship is quiet a disappointment.

SHIP - The ship rocks from the time you get on until the time you get off. It rocks even when the weather isn’t bad and the waves aren’t high. (This is not my first cruise and I know for a fact that it shouldn’t rock that bad. This will be my last cruise with NCL!!!!!)

This I can tolerate, but the following was unacceptable.

FOOD - The food was either under cooked or over cooked, if you even got what you ordered. There were some nights that you never got what you ordered. Some of the people at the same table may have ordered the same thing and they got theirs. There were some nights that you had to send food back because it was inedible. When you went to the Sports Bar to eat breakfast, the oatmeal and grits were nothing but water. You couldn’t even get a spoon full of either all you got was water. Then you couldn’t find a table. You would have to go outside to eat.

ROOM - The rooms are really small but manageable. The first four nights we reported that the air conditioner wasn’t working in the room. They say they fixed it. However, the air didn’t work until the Saturday night that we were coming home. When you tried to turn it down or even make the heat come on, instead it just got colder. Which means that the heat didn’t work either.

Room 6264 creeks everywhere. Which I understand there is nothing that can be done about this. There were a few nights that I thought the window was going to fall out. There were several places on the ship where the floors squeeked and you thought that you were going to fall through.

We reported the first three days, that the pull out couch bed was broken. When the bed was pulled out it was in two pieces. There was a huge gap or hole in the exact place where the middle of your back would be. On Wednesday night they finally actually put a board under the mattress which helped to some degree. On Friday they actually sent a maintenance person to look at the bed. He said he had just been contacted about the problem. He then proceeded to properly fix the bed. It was missing some boards that go horizontally to actually hold the mattress in place.

One of the nights the water was turned off for whatever reason. There was no notice, you just were in the middle of taking a shower, all soaped up and then - no water.

SERVICE - We tried several restaurant. Four Seasons proved to be the worst. The waiters were rude, they never smiled and actually acted as if they were going out of their way to bring you anything. We had asked for more orange juice and the waiter actually rolled his eyes. When we asked for hot chocolate they talked amongst themself and stomped off to get it. Which took forever. We actually witnessed them drop a towel, pick it up and proceed with delivering your order to you with that same towel holding the plate. We heard several other cruisers making the same comment. (There were two waiters that we found to be exceptional. Their names are Stephens and Michael. They are waiters in the Terraces Restaurant. When these gentlemen are serving you, you will not have an empty glass of anything and you will get what you ordered in a timely manner. You can request them when you get on the ship)

This ship only serves juices the first few hours of the morning. There was never enough ice, coffee or tea. Therefore, you were forced to either drink water or purchase drinks from the bar. Not everyone drinks alcohol. Even when you would go to the bar and order a smoothie, they didn’t have what you wanted. The first night on the ship, we ordered a strawberry smoothing and was told that they didn’t have any strawberries. We tried it again around Wednesday and also on Saturday and was told the same thing. However, if you ordered a strawberry daiquiri you got it.

My advise is to stay clear of this ship.

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