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Age: 21


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Jewel

Sailing Date: 2011-01-23

Itinerary: Carribean

It was our second time on the Jewel - we went in Nov 2010 to Florida and the Bahamas. As always it was fun and a memorable experience. This time we did a 10 day Carribbean cruise visiting San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua, St. Maarten and Tortola. Both left from New York which was convenient. We had nice weather and a great staff. I highly recommend NCL to our friends and family. We booked three weeks before and had one price one day. The next day our consultant told us there were no rooms left at that price. Luckily he was able to do some magic and got us rooms on a higher deck at the original price he told us. He also arranged for us to have a cake to celebrate our anniversary. The crew was friendly always saying hello and asking how you are doing when they see you in the hall. The first night I went to the room and the stewardess introduced herself and asked if we had all of our luggage. I told her were were missing one and asked if she would empty the mini bar so we could put water we bought. She came back a few minutes later, emptied the mini bar and I had my suitcase not to long after. They showed the NFL playoffs which was nice. I left my boyfriend there and went to eat. They didn't mind me bringing him a plate from the Garden Cafe to the lounge. The bed was comfortable, it was the two smaller beds pushed together but we couldn't tell. I usually put the suit cases under the bed but one side had a trundle bed underneath. I was able to push both suit cases and three book bags under one side of the bed. We also had a bed on the wall which made the room feel smaller but didnt bother us at all. i just wish we had a window.

We chose to eat at the Garden Cafe mostly. My boyfriend is picky and it was the only place that really served anything he would eat. He had so much pasta that the pasta chief would see him in line and already knew what he wanted. We won abbrunch for two at the Le Bistro which was nice. They had a buffet out and took our orders as well. We had dinner in Azura which is one of the two main dining rooms. We aren't really formal sit down people but did enjoy the food very much. On our cruise in November we ate at the Blue Lagoon. It was decent but not a favorite. Besides the Garden Cafe we ordered room service at night. We work over night and are used to eating at 2 am. It was the only way to get food and the food was good.

On the Jewel in November we had a porthole on deck 4. it was nice to be on the level where the gang ways for shore excursions left but we had to take the elevator up to where everything was happening. This time we had an inside room on deck 11. It was great being one deck below the food, pools, gym etc. We were more inclined to take the stairs to move around the boat then the elevator. I just wish we had gotten a window. I didn't like waking up at 8 am and stumbling around to find my phone for the time. It always felt like 3 in the morning.

The casino was a favorite way to spend time. We stuck to the quarter machines and had a set budget for that. We overheard an older gentleman saying he bought $1500 on the cruise and his wife lost $500 of it. The evening shows both on the main stage and the lounge upstairs were entertaining. They had a couple of shows we saw in November but a different cast. And to our surprise they changed up the finale show. We had a couple of comedians and a magician as well as a couple where the man is crazy strong and his wife is insanely flexible. Because it was 10 days it felt more relaxed, not like on the 7 day where it felt like everything was pushed together. We tired our selves out so much we only missed one night of shows. Over all it was fantastic. We also attended the port shopping seminars. We won a tee shirt and got coupons for free things in the ports of call. We attended a magic lecture and free card bingo. The cheapest package they had was $40 and so we stuck to our free cards. We got invited to the Latitudes cocktail reception the first day at sea (loyalty program for returning guests). We met the captain and some other important people. We won the brunch there as well. They had some adult only shows later on at night which were quieter than the shows during the day where the kids were. There was never a dull moment. We also did a fab abs workout which left us in pain for a few days - you never know what you have until it hurts. they had movies and demonstrations and lectures and tastings. We could always find something to keep us busy.

We did the kyacking in San Juan. It was fun, dark and educational. We had a great time working together and experiencing something new. Plus we got a tour of the island on the bus ride. In St. Thomas we did the mini boat/snorkling excursion. That was the best one we did. There was us and two other couples and the two guides. We had a blast jumping the waves and snorkling. We did the ATV tour in Antigua. It felt like someone bought a few ATV's and took us through peoples yards. We enjoyed the experience but it didn't feel official. St. Maarten we spent the day shopping and at the beach and had mixed feelings about Tortola. Most shops were closed because it was a Sunday and so we got off the boat, walked around and got back on. We only had a few hours there and it would have been nice to do something but at the same time it was our last and earliest port so we were glad we were able to take it slow. In November we did Sea World which we were glad we only did for the day. We went on the two roller coasters a few times and saw most of the shows. Glad we did it but probably won't do it again. On the private island we laid in the sun and he played volley ball. We went into the water but felt like we were getting stung soon after he started to not feel so well. When we went to Nassau we went to Alantis. It was fun but between being tired and him not feeling so well, we went around the lazy river a few times, down one slide and walked the beach before just getting some sun. We would definatly do Alantis again.

Both times on the Jewel were awesome. We found out that our cruises have to be at least 10 days for us to really enjoy them. It was nice to hear how he had to walk up to the pasta station and the chief already knew what he wanted. I hated feeling like it was 3 am no matter what time it actually was. The pictures were nice, I was able to get 2 5x7 and 2 8x10 for $40 (formal portraits.) We were celebrating our anniversary and got a card sent to our cabin saying to take it to the matrie d on the night of our celebration for cake. We went to eat and they didnt have a table for two so we were going to go back but got caught up in the entertainment and packing that we never did. I don't understand why so many people complain about NCL. I hear a few people complain about the food once in a blue moon but you have options. NCL is a budget friendly cruise line. We don't need soda all the time and if we do its $2.25 a can. Water kept us alive. I did splurge on drinks but its not something I do back home. We are looking forward to cruising on the Epic in the future and hopefully more NCL ships.

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