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Age: 45


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Jewel

Sailing Date: 2011-02-20

Itinerary: bahamas

Just read the review from Joan Cortes who was also a passenger on this cruise. I couldn't have said it better myself. WORST CRUISE EVER!!! Paid $10,000+ as well and it was a total waste of my money. This was my childrens first cruise and what a disappointment. Thank god for the beautiful bahama beaches. I too expected to see Jenette McCurdy all over this ship as she appears in the commercials. She was the reason why we booked this cruise. We told everyone we would be "hanging out" with Jenette McCurdy from icarly. Couldn't believe she only had two appearances., TOTAL FALSE ADVERSTISEMENT. Its a shame because mychildren don't feel the same way about Jenette as a person. She was rude to the children who wanted to talk to her whenever she was spotted out of her cabin (we never saw her once walking around the ship) but heard some terrible stories about how she reacted to the little girls who admire her. I'm sure it wasn't totally her fault regarding the itinerary. It was her managers fault. She was probably told not to talk to passengers until her "meet and greet". Well you what Jenette - there is a word called "courtesy". She could have told the little girls who saw her and approached her "i'm so sorry but I'm not allowed to take pics with anyone." instead of her rude replies. Either that or she should have stayed in her cabin so no one could see her. She had little girls crying. What a sin. Thank God for Ciara Bravo!!!! What a sweetheart!! She signed autographs when spotted on the boat. Took pics with whoever asked. So cordial and mature. And what a beautiful family she has!! Her mother and father were so pleasant to talk to. So down to earth. She was the highlight of our trip. I even spoke with her mom in the Garden Cafe for a bit one morning when she was sitting with her older daughter (who was also a doll). Great Job Ciara!! Stay as sweet as you are!!! We also thought the boat would be decked out with the nick theme. NOT. One statue of spongebob in the "lobby area". Big deal. No characters walking around or by the pool (which they show on the advertisement). Complained so much they had me meet with Nickelodeon management. Was told this was their second "all access cruise" and they are learning from their mistakes. Great....we were the $10,000 ginuea pigs who could have used that money to pay down my mortgage!!! Now here's the best....we were asked if we wouldl like to be on a commercial they were filming on board which was to be aired during the "Nickelodeon kids choice awards". I figured they wanted to try to make us happy which we thought was awesome. They filmed us being slimed and we were estatic!!! Told EVERYONE we knew to watch the kids choice awards and look for us on the commercial. Guess what....NO COMMERCIAL WAS AIRED!! What an embarrassment. They not only screwed us on the cruise but screwed us afterward as well. My kids were so upset on not seeing the commercial. They told all their friends. Not very nice. We were also told the ship could not accomodate the characters walking around. It wasn't built for that and it wasn't wide enough. So then why show an ad with the characters all over the ship????!!! Again , false advertisement. They also told us they were not prepared for 1,500 kids. The regular nick cruises hold 500. How could you not be prepared?? They took our money..that was no problem. I also could not go to Disney with my kids because they were overbooked. My kids have never been to Disney so this was to be their first time at Disney. We would have had to pay $400 for a cab round trip if we wanted to go. We also couldn't get into the Atlantis Waterpark. Why? They had no more room. Overbooked again. What a waste of a cruise. At this point all we were looking forward to was seeing ourselves on the commercial, which like i said NEVER AIRED. The last thing i have to complain about was an incident that happened in camp. This extremely nice family won this cruise. They put their 8 year old daughter in camp. I have to add that this little girl was a quiet, sweet innocent girl. While at camp one day she was almost molested by another girl in camp. The girl brought her into the bathroom and tried to pull down her pants. The little girl got away but was traumatized. The parents complained that no one was watching her daughter while this happened (the camp counselers are all young kids i might add). They have cameras in camp and the parents asked to see it to confirm thier daughters claim. The captain would not release the tape. The other girl denied it and the captain swept it under the rug like it never happened. There was nothing the parents could do. Now this poor sweet 8 year old has to have memories of almost being molested on this cruise. I have a friend who went on the regular Nick cruise and she had fun. But of course. She only paid $3,000. If I had paid $3,000 maybe i would have been happy too. But $10,000+ later it was a waste of money and I would NEVER recommend the all access cruise to anyone - not even my enemy.

Joan Cortes had it right about the food. Don't need to repeat it.0

Stateroom was OK. Stewards were excellent.

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