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Age: 40


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: 2009-07-26

Itinerary: yeah

10 of us just recently sailed on Bermuda (ages from 1-63) and for the most part we were dissapointed. To go on this ship I sure hope you like making your own fun because thats what you have to do. The hot tubs were NEVER available and they were always filled with little kids splashing around for hours of the day. The pools were extremly small, I have a bigger one at my own house and they were chilly to go in, not heated like NCL explains.

Most of the activities that went on were late at night and mostly for adults. Which is good for adults who did not bring their children. I had a 14 year old child, and my sister and her husband had a 3 year old and 15 yr old. Then there was my brother and his wife who had a 1 year old. So we could not attend most of the adult parties or shows. One day that we were in the ocean going to Bermuda the ship was very rocky, my daughter and I took motion sickness pills layed down and within half an hour felt better. Now our 14 and 15 yr olds complained they were bored because the hot tubs were taken, the pools were too crowded and no activities were going on. Its pretty sad to be bored on a vacation.

Food and Staff-
As for the food, the dinner buffet was not appetizing at all. We were all very fond of the breakfast buffet though so I would deffinetly reccomend that. It might say that you can wear what you want to the dining rooms but that is a lie. You can't wear capris above the knee so my daughter packed bermuda shorts thinking that would have been fine for dinner other then her evening night dress and 2 skirts same with the family also, so we had to send our clothes to the wash and wear them again for the dining room. So pack dressy clothes; that was our mistake. The dining rooms were very hit or miss; either you loved the food or you hated it. Most of the time we could find something we liked but sometimes the whole family was up at the back of the boat for hot dogs and french fries, that was what most of the kids were eating. The staff was very friendly and tried their best to keep us happy. Our maids on deck 6 were extremley friendly and we wrote great things about them.

For the most part we were fine with our rooms. The showers basically flooded the whole bathroom though since there was only one little arch to keep the water from overflowing but that didn't really bother us we just got a towel and set it on the floor. The bathroom floors were at my suprise a little moldy in the cracks. That dissapointed us because the rooms are supposed to be at tip top shape. The beds were very comfortable and we slept fine. Then we would wake up and go meet up with the rest of the group. There is very little drawer space so we never fully unpacked our suitcases but that wasn't a major dilema.

One of our big issues were the pictures. They took tons of pictures and we loved all of them so every day we would go back and get the ones we liked so they did not get tossed. The problem was that they never showed the prices and the prices changed from day to day. One day a picture was 12.99 the next day that same picture is 15.99. We all got our big family evening night pictures when we all looked nice and dressy and we took are single pictures and a few others. Now for the 8x10 pictures they were the dressy ones and cost more. The deal was that if you bought 3 8x10's you got a free album with a picture of the ship. At different days the family went and got 8x10's but we did not buy the 8x10's on the same day so we did not get the deal. We were completly unaware that you had to buy them on the same day and that made us angry.

The onboard activities were alright. The shows were very good and we enjoyed them. Bingo was a bit of a rip off with the prices but you get a chance to win 5,000 dollars in bingo (D36 will haunt me forever)

Overall it was an OK trip but I would not reccomend it

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