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Michael Cannon

Age: 41


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: April 10th, 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

This was my third and last time to ever cruise NCL. First let me explain that this was my "Honeymoon" cruise. With that in mind, where do I begin? The port in Charleston was convenient and easy for the passengers. Once on board, disaster struck. We had an Ocean view Stateroom on the Majesty deck. Close to the casino with the jogging track right above our room, so no late morning sleep in! I watched my luggage get thrown off the elevator and rip before my eyes! Brand new luggage, with a huge rip down the seam. Absolutely no apology offered. So far, not a good start, but I tried my best to shake this event off, after all, this was my honeymoon. We left pretty close to on time and went to the upper deck to watch the Charleston Harbor fade away.... and head for Grand Cayman with 2 days at seas. This was the point of no return, unfortunately!!! The staff was lazy at best, not at all friendly and on our second day, an argument broke out between 2 of the waiters in the Seven Seas dining room. We were not offered drink refills. This ship offers "Freestyle Dining". It is suppose to make tipping very easy to the customer, what it has created is terrible service. After all, regardless of how attentive the staff is, they all get the same tip! What a mistaken concept for the customer. An official overheard my wife and I discuss that on the second day already, we had decided to write a letter to NCL when we got home. He asked what was wrong and so we explained. Shortly afterwards, a maitre d' called our room to ask what happened and where we were sitting... from that point on, we got the "Royal" treatment in the dinning room. Our only question was, why should a complaint have brought on better service?

Grand Cayman is a beautiful island, but the onboard ship excursion was a major rip off. We booked the " Seven Mile Beach". More like 70 feet. The 5 other cruise ships in port along with us created enough room in your roped off section to do one flip on your beach chair without hitting the person next to you. We wanted to go back to town early, so we had to pay six dollars cash to get a ride for about 5 minutes. We saw the comedy show one night and that was the best entertainment on board. Steve Weiss was great and very funny. Caught a glimpse of the singer and he was great too, but that show was standing room only. The variety show was one that "American Idol" would not have let get through the first round.

The stair ways smelled of raw sewage, the rooms were dirty, and don't pay extra like we did for an ocean view, because you won't be able to see out of them not because of size, but because they remain dirty the entire time.

The buffet line offers soupy eggs, and cold bacon and sausage. There was never enough seats no matter what time you attempted, we tried all different, so we had to carry ours back down 4 levels of stairs all the time bouncing off the walls. This ship is not smooth, and vibrates the entire time, so if you are still going after reading this review... take lots of motion sickness pills. We didn't get sick, but a lot of others did.

Cozemul was great, we ventured on our own, got a taxis and went to Paradise Beach!!!!!! Finaaly, just what we had imagined! Key West was great too, but we got there 4 hours late and they gave us a whole half hour extra, so we were rushed the entire time, and it was the only night that the ship offered Lobster in the 2 main dinning rooms, coincidence? We think not!

The final straw.... the last day on board was Friday and we played Bingo again! We won, along with 3 other couples a $200.00 jackpot! Wow! But one of the girls yelled at my wife 3 times for not standing up!!!!!!! Can you believe this? We couldn't and were so shocked and amazed! We left a message for the Cruise Director Bruce Kidd to call us. He did, at his convenience, 3 hours later and only offered a half hearted apology. Not even a bottle of wine with our dinner.

Over all, the ports were the best part, which means getting off this ship was our best times. Not exactly the honeymoon any one expects! Not a honeymoon anyone wants to remember either. So thank you NCL for such terrible memories and a rude staff!

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