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Age: 34


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: October 17th, 2004

Itinerary: Bermuda

I was not happy with this cruise. Lets start with the service. We asked our room sterward to help us with a creaking noise that kept my husband up all night. It sounded like a door being opened and closed just below the bed all night long. He told him he couldn't help to call reception. My husband went down stairs and found an unlatched fire door just below our room once he latched it the creaking stopped. (he had to go down 6times during our cruise to relatch a door that was supposed to remain closed according to a crew member).

The wait staff were not as friendly as we have found on other cruise lines. I believe this is because of the free style cruising. One night my son ordered orange sherbert for dessert, my dad asked to have the same and was told NO. THe waiter told him he couldn't have that because it was only available on the child's menu tonight. I have never heard of not being able to have a food item on a cruise before especially if someone else at your table has it. How absurd. The dining room food was above average. The buffets were horrible - lunch and dinner buffets. THe grill food was disgusting the hamburgers were like leather patties and the pizza was worse than frozen pizza you buy at home. This made it so you had to eat in the dining rooms if you wanted decent food. The dining room enforces their dress code. We had a 12 year old in our party sent back to her room to change because she had a dress on with flip flops -she was so embarressed. Told them all she had else was pink sneakers and she was told she had to wear them instead of the flip flops with her dress. Ridiculous she looked much better with the flip flops and she is a kid. Geez.

Then the storm hit......all other cruise ships that were in Bermuda chose to leave a day early due to the impending storm. We stayed on schedule which turned out to be a mistake. We hit an awful storm not your typical rough seas. Bureaus in the rooms fell over and the drawers came out and broke. Elevators had to be closed for 2days, entertainment was cancelled, and dishes were breaking all over the dining room. The worst was Sat night the gang plank came loose and smashed out 3 sets of 7ft windows on deck 5. We started to take on water. Cpt called a code bravo and the crew panicked. Crew were crying and knocking on people's doors and telling them to get their life vests on. My poor parents Im suprised they didn't have a heart attack. They got on their life vests and headed to the mustering station whent he cpt came on and told everyone to stand down this was crew only. He said a window had broken and crew were fixing it to return to our cabins. We later learned the water coming in had gotten into ceiling tiles and started an electrical fire which was the reason for the code. The sprinklers in that area engaged and we took on even more water. Our room steward was not seen again until the last night as he was bailing water and pulling up carpets sat night and sunday. We woke Sunday morning just rocking at sea and not moving. The captain came on and told us he had to sail south for several hours so the crew could weld metal over the broken windows. Our return would be delayed into Boston. He never told us of the fire we learned of that on our own. During the day he came on several times and each time our arrival in Boston was later. Family in our group from west coast missed their flights and had to pay hundreds of dollars to change their tickets -the cruise line offered no help or reimbursement with this. They did however allow everyone to make a 5min phone call on Sunday from your room if you could be lucky enough to get a line out. We arrived Monday morning into Boston -greatful to be alive.

One part of the cruise that was exceptional was their Kids club, however that is not open when you are in port. The staff their were excellent with the kids and our children loved going. Bermuda was nice but I would fly the next time. As for cruising if I go again it will be out of Florida on Disney or RCL but never again NCL. Also to consider if you go out of Boston you spend 2 days waiting to start your vacation because it is too cold to enjoy the upper decks or pools until you reach Bermuda.

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