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Deanne Daneau

Age: 43


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: May 15th, 2005

Itinerary: Bermuda

On May 15th, 2005 my husband and I set off for a one week cruise out of Boston MA on the Norwegian Cruise lines Majesty and headed to Bermuda. Check in was easy and flawless. The people were friendly and efficient. Upon boarding the ship we were told that we could go to our room and wait for our luggage or go up to the top deck for a drink/snack. We decided to check out our room. Upon entering our room we just stood there stunned. What was supposed to be an outside stateroom was a glorified walk in closet. Every time either my husband or I needed to dress, one of us had to sit on the bed because there was not enough room for two people to stand in what open floor space there was. This opinion was not our own. Everyone on the ship who had not cruised with NCL before said the room was the smallest they had ever seen on a ship. Thank goodness for the window because those who didn’t have a window said their room was pitch black 24/7.

Once the shock of the room wore off we decided to head up to the 10th floor/top deck. That was a walk we got use to – the six flights of stairs were well traveled by many because the small elevator seemed to be dysfunctional the entire week. In fact one passenger who was an elevator repair tech couldn’t even figure out why it didn’t stop on certain floors or failed to run consistently. Once on the top deck it was like being at the open market in Cancun Mexico. We asked repeatedly if we wanted to have/buy a drink. Within the first 15 minutes we were approached no less than 20 times. I will say for the first three or four days the drinks were well worth the money and the container in which it came was ours to keep (that we found out a bit later). The last three days I believe there was nothing but fruit juice and ice. Back to the room – The same sheets were there for the week. The mattress pad underneath was stained. The linens were old and well worn. At one point I had to lift up the mattress to retrieve my cell phone and who knows when the last time it was vacuumed. The bathroom that was the size of a phone booth had missing tiles off the walls and an old stained sink. I will say that fresh towels were brought every day. They were well bleached/cleaned. The hallway with it's busy red carpet had smells that varied by the day. One day it was a strong smell of urine and the next day the septic must have been not functioning well.

Food: The food for the most part was good but I thought the food on a cruise from what I understood should “wow” a person. Meals were obviously prepared as cost effective as possible. Only one night was there lobster, a lobster tail that had been frozen. Not until the end of the week were we told by one waiter to order whatever we wanted and if we didn’t like something to order something else. The portions for me were fine but my husband thought they could have been more generous. He was so looking forward to many nights of surf and turf and that didn’t happen. Many nights the wait staff suggested the fish of the night that when served equaled about the size of a hash brown patty. The only other seafood was “jumbo” shrimp and I use the work jumbo loosely and that was served on a skewer (about four), with spicy rice.

Staff: The staff was composed of many young people from all over the world that were very polite and friendly until the last day when all the friendliness went away.

Back to the ship - Being our first cruise we expected to see this beautiful ship as presented on the website. Instead we saw a rusty, dirty, very old and not well kept vessel. All around the windows we saw rust. Encountering a storm on the way home that sent 15 foot waves up the side of the ship we noticed that there was actually a hole, the size of a nickel in the glass of an outside wall that let water from the sea seep in and soak the carpet outside the Seven Sea’s restaurant. Who knows, maybe it was an added feature. There were many activities on the ship to keep oneself busy. The entertainment at night was very, very good and went to about 1:00 am. But during the day such things as Bingo and exercise classes were an additional costs. Five games of bingo could run as high as 50.00 and yoga was 10.00 for a 30 minute class. The fact that each guest is charged 10.00 per day to cover gratuities and such I think 50.00 is a bit much for a half hour of bingo. Also, each time you signed your name to a charge for even a single can of soda (1.50), a 15% service charge was automatically added to the bill whether the service was good or not. The check out was as easy and quick as check in. Tags are brought to you room the day before and it is requested that all luggage except for carry-on’s are put outside the door before 2:00 am for pickup. Each floor is called separately and departure is a breeze. We were outside awaiting our ride within 20 minutes of leaving our room. Even though we reached port at 6:30 am the last day, we were given a full breakfast and did not get off until 9:30 am. Overall I will say that my first cruise ship experience was not the best considering the cost for two was 2500.00 (add another 500.00 spent on board). This of course will not stop us from cruising again. This time it will be a bigger, cleaner and nicer ship than NCL’s Majesty. I can’t say that I would recommend this cruise line to anyone.

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