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Age: 23


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: June 25th, 2006

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Majesty Cruise Review
Western Caribbean


On June 25th, my grandparents, my mother, my sister, and I left our homes and headed for the ship in Boston. We got to the boat about an hour early so we waited and got our picture taken in front of a green screen which was really supposed to be the ship in the background. There were no problems with checking in and we were thrilled when we entered the ship.

The first thing you are instructed to do when you board is to sanitize your hands. The crew is very strict about this and they don’t want to carry sicknesses onto the ship. We went straight to our cabins and were shocked at how small it was. In the cabin were two beds and 2 pull-down bunk beds, a tiny bathroom which contains a shower, and a dresser with a mirror. We didn’t mind because we knew we would only be sleeping in our cabins and we would be spending most of the day on the deck.

Later on, we went to explore the ship. We walked into the Royal Fireworks Cafe, the Seven Seas dining room, The Palace Theater and Le Bistro. Then, we walked onto the deck where there were 2 pools, one for the kids, the other for adults, and two hot tubs. We couldn’t wait to start sailing and getting this cruise started.

We ate lunch on the deck right after exploring. There was a buffet with just about anything you wanted. After eating, my sister and I took pictures of everything and looked at the shops that would be opening shortly. There was a jewelry store, a gift shop, a drug store, and a perfume store.

The first sea day was excellent. My whole family took Dramamine but the seas were calm anyway. We didn’t hear about one person getting sick during our whole trip. That day, we tanned on the deck and soaked up the sun. There was a band playing and the pools were packed. That night, we ate at the Seven Seas. It is gorgeous in there and the crew is so sweet. We made friends with one guy who worked there and we took pictures with him. The crew was so nice and they pampered us. After dinner, we went to see a show. The Norwegian majesty Production Crew was amazing. It was just like Broadway. They made you want to get up and dance with them. After that we went to bed.

Day 2 on Sea was just as good. Most of the day was spent on the deck. We went to dinner that night and it was formal night. We got a family portrait taken and we loved how the picture came out two days later. Then, we saw a comedian named Adam Ace. My whole family was dying of laughter. He was just hilarious. Another show we saw onboard was the crew show. About 12 crew members showed us their talents such as singing, dancing, playing the guitar and more. We really enjoyed it. When we went to our cabins to go to sleep, we saw that the crew left chocolates on our pillow and made animals out of towels and put my sister’s sunglasses on them. We found that they did this everyday and we would look forward to seeing what they would make next. Our favorite animal was the monkey hanging from the ceiling.

The next day we finally docked in St George, Bermuda! It was amazing. Everybody was on the deck taking pictures. It was beautiful. Finally they called us off the ship deck by deck. We looked around St. George for a while then we took a bus to Hamilton. The buses drove way too fast. I was always afraid that we were going to hit somebody on a moped. Hamilton was even prettier than St. Georges. First, we went to eat at The Pickled Onion. Then we went to Horseshoe Bay and we were so satisfied. We stayed there all day and never got bored. The water was crystal clear and the sand was light pink. You could even see fish swimming by. And since you have to walk down a long street to get back to catching the bus, they have taxi rides that go to the top for only a dollar a person. It was a big help and absolutely worth the money.

The next day, we went to St. Catherine’s Fort. It wasn’t as nice as Horseshoe Bay, but we still loved it. The water was just the right temperature for me. We went back on our ship to eat and then we watched it pour outside.

The next day, you couldn’t even tell it rained. That day was the day we basically said bye to the lovely island of Bermuda, We shopped for gifts for our friends and family back home. Then we took a ferry back to St. Georges. We ate Ice cream and shopped some more. My sister and I tried on hats at a gift shop. My favorite was a dread lock hat. I also bought a shell necklace and love it! We said our final and sad goodbyes to the island that we wish we could stay in forever. We got back on the boat and went to dinner. The restaurant we went to which was once again, the seven seas (it was our favorite restaurant) the crew sang happy birthday to my grandma and my mother. They gave both of them a small cake and they shared with all five of us. The very same night there was a show. Jane L. Powell, better known as The Chocolate Goddess Of Love sang and was amazing. Then we went to the 11:00 Chocoholic buffet where all you could eat was chocolate. The Seven Seas dining room was filled with chocolate and chocolate sculptures. There were also ice sculptures.

Leaving was sad. We waved to the Bermudians as we sailed away. On the way home, my sister and I got airbrush tattoos. I got one on each of my ankles and my sister got 3, on her neck, and on both of her ankles.

On the final night, there was a show, just about all of the crew members gathered on stage and sang the Norwegian Majesty theme song. It was so cute. Even the captain came on stage.

I would definitely cruise with NCL again I highly recommend it to anybody who wants to have a good time. It was everything and more that I hoped it would be. Next time I go on a cruise, I know that I will choose NCL.


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