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Age: 26

Occupation:Media Producer

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Majesty

Sailing Date: September 10th, 2006

Itinerary: Bermuda

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Majesty Cruise Review


This is my first time sailing with Norwegian. I’ve been on 2 cruises prior to this with Royal Caribbean and I LOVED both my cruises with RC.

I decided to go with Norwegian for a few reasons. It was convenient since it was leaving from Boston (I’ve never left from my own town, so that was new); no need to fly and the price was decent. I took my parent’s on this cruise and knowing them, making it easier for them to travel was important. Plus I wanted to try a new cruise line.

This Boston to Bermuda cruise with Norwegian, I was not impressed at all. If I had to choose I would NOT do this cruise again. The only reason I would do this cruise again would be because I wanted to see Bermuda again and the BEST way and least expensive way to visit Bermuda is through this cruise or any other cruise that visits Bermuda. It is EXPENSIVE flying to Bermuda and getting a hotel there. I met a family who lived in Bermuda and had their children there. They HIGHLY recommend cruising to Bermuda if anyone wants to visit the island.

The Majesty is an old and small ship. It did not take me long at all to figure out where everything was. This ship I would say is a very traditional ship. It’s for the more traditional cruisers. I must have been really spoiled on my previous cruises because I was thinking to myself most of the time, darn this ship is small and there’s NOTHING TO DO. It also is for the more mature population of cruisers, if you are younger and more physically active. THIS IS NOT YOUR CRUISE!!!! Unless you just want to do some serious RELAXING then you would go on this. I am glad I went on this cruise though. This was my parent’s first cruise, so for them to see a more traditional cruise and cruise ship was actually a good thing.

I lived on Deck 6 and I had a window in my cabin. It was nice to have a window because when we docked in Bermuda, I could just stare outside and see the awesome view of Bermuda. The deck I lived on has the photo gallery, casino and the theater. My deck I believed is a popular floor. Deck 10 is the 24 hour buffet and pool and Jacuzzi area. Deck 7 was where the Spa and Gym are located and Deck 5 is where all the restaurants live. Seven Seas Restaurant is at the end and Four Seasons in the middle of the ship. Also, the receptionist, plus all the others such as shore excursions all are located on Deck 5. All the other floors were basically cabins. Medical center is on Deck 4 and I think one more restaurants on Deck 9 but that’s about it.

Food on the ship is OK! Nothing to rave about but at least you got food. There wasn’t really a memorable dish for me or any restaurant on the ship I would really say I liked more. I ate at the Seven Seas most of the time instead of Four Seasons. Not that I thought SS had better food than FS, I like more space and SS had the space. Service in both restaurant’s aren’t really up to par. I’ve had better.

Bermuda is beautiful, but due to hurricane Florence we were at sea for 2 days. The water was REALLY ROUGH during the 2 days at sea, but got to Bermuda safe and sound and managed to squeeze at least 2.5 days in Bermuda. The island is beautiful; the water is nice and clear. Swimming is always a great thing to do if you can go to one of their beautiful beaches, such as Tobacco Bay or Horseshoe Bay. I did a shore excursion and snorkeled in Whalebone Bay, which was lovely. The weather THANK GOD was good; it rained for 10 minutes one of the days I was there and after that, it was nothing but mid 80’s and sunny. Food on the island is pretty good and expensive. I ate at The Carriage House. YUM!!! I did a lot of site seeing in St. George, which has beautiful churches. I went to Hamilton, which is the place to be, because all the kids were there and there’s the waterfront and all that SHOPPING.

Overall, this cruise, I would only recommend it if you want to keep it simple and just do some major relaxing and visit Bermuda (because this is the best way to see Bermuda). This cruise is very convenient depending on location. They try to make it easy for you at the end, they calculate gratuity for you at the end so you don’t have to. Honestly, who the hell wants to be calculating how much to tip each person at the end of your cruise. They automatically charge $10 each day for tip for each person in your cabin. Also, they have an express check out when you disembark the ship. I got off the ship in 10 -15 minutes doing express check out and that’s GOOD. I’ve done the luggage color tag system. It’s a MAD HOUSE when you’re trying to find your color tag and trying to find your luggage in this large area, with a flood of people trying to do the same thing you are. This cruise isn’t anything I’d rave about; I think I got what I paid for if I had to sum it up.



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