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Age: 27

Occupation:Mental Health field

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sea

Sailing Date: September 4th, 2004

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

Once arriving, noticed this ship was much smaller than other ships I have been on. It only had 10 levels. I would rate the food a 5 out of a 10. I have been on Carnival and much, much, more impressed with their food. Freestyle eating was good so you could eat when you wanted. Our first stop to Cozumel was very enjoyable. We rented Scooters for $35.00/day. The guy who rented us the Scooter told us they are typically $45.00/day but would give to us for $35.00/day. Once we agreed and he took us down the street to get our scooter and pay, there was a sign up on the board that said $35.00/day. So....he lied just to get business and to make us think we got a good deal. Be careful, we also looked at another scooter place and also $35.00/day after the fact. So, sure you could probably talk them down to about $25 or $30. We rode all the way around the island which was o-kay, but once you get on the back side of the island, you can't see much ocean because of trees and very long, rough road which seems even longer when you are hot. Our next day was spent in Roatan.

This is the first time I have ever went with a ship excursion and greatly disappointed. It was approx. $70.00 person to go on the Kiyaking and Snorking excursion which also included an all you can eat buffet(sucked). We boarded a bus once we docked and two guys from Chicago were over the excursion. They drove us through town and we stopped where they gave us juices, had to buy sodas, and got us prepped for the Kiyaking. They split us up into 2 teams. The first team went Snorkling and then other team went Kiayaking. YOU MUST USE BUG SPRAY ON THE ISLAND. I got bitten 84 times by a little nat that made a red bump but did not itch. Just terrible to look at. You are not able to use a phone on this island to call US but if you walk down the road a ways in front of the shops, there is a internet cafe that has quick internet access and very cheap. Used computer for approx. 20 min and only $2.50. The all you can eat buffet on this excursion included a half a sandwich with flies flying all around our food, pieces of watermelon, oreo cookies, and pineapple. I would not call this an all you can eat buffet. It really sucked so don't waste your money. There was a guy also on our tour from the island who walked us around awhile and talked about what some of the different trees were on the island. Not very interesting. Our next day was in Belize. We had to be tendered in. Once you get off the ship, there are some nice shops around where you get off from the boat, but once you go through the gates to tour the town, it is very nasty town. We chose not to go on an excursion with the cruise because it was so expensive. We heard the othe side of Belize was pretty, but would be long ride. Most people were on the ship very early and just hung around the dock and had a few drinks.

There is also internet cafe once get off from boat around the shops on the pier. It cost $3.00 for 15 min of usage and is fast internet. Once again, cheaper than the ships ridiculous rate of .55 cents/min. Our final day on islands was in Cancun. Like what most reviews say, there was not enough time on this island. They boat tender takes about 20 min. just to get to the island. So that is already 40 minutes of your day, not counting waiting in line to get off and back on the ship. We got on the island around 10 and last tender to boat was at 3. Word of advice if never been to Cancun. They have a bus stops on both sides of the road every block or so that is running all day long. You can get on this bus and will stop anywhere you want to go for only .65 cents. Not bad compared to a ship excursion or taxi. Plus you can go at your own leisure and once ready to go, do not have to wait long at all for a bus to pick you up. There are lots of buses that run and are stopping every few minutes to pick people up. Really didn't have time to do much of anything so just shopped awhile and layed out on the beach in front of Fat Tuesdays which is where the boat comes in. Had to wait in long line to get back on ship.

Entertainment was o-kay but definetly not the best seen on cruises. Overall rate cruise a 5 out of a 10. Would be much better cruise is would not go to Belize and stay all day and over night at Cancun. There is a $10.00 tip added to your account on the last day for each person for the people who work on the cruise line. I did not like this because I do not think how much I give someone a tip should be left up to the cruise line. So figure in $70.00 you will be added to your account for tipping. The rooms were very small and the showers could not possibly be any smaller. Is older ship so are lots of stains on the carpet. Not a very eligant ship. Not the best cruise ever been on, but was o-kay.

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