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Age: 25

Occupation:Legal Secretary

Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sky

Sailing Date: 2009-11-21

Itinerary: Bahamas

This past week my husband, myself and 10 of our family and friends sailed aboard the Norwegian Sky. I have sailed with a few different cruise lines and while my opinion varies greatly for each, Norwegian does stand out but not for positive reasons. Highlighting the biggest of the negatives: the tipping procedure is ridiculous. The main dining room is at the back of the ship. We endured some of the worst service I have ever experienced and the food was mainly awful. The cost for various things, such as the snorkel gear at the Stir Up Cays are extremely over priced. The entertainment was not great.

The dinners served in the main dining room were almost inedible. The food was either bland or extremely salty and served cold. I assume that is because we would wait sometimes more than 45 minutes for the main course to be served. The first night I ordered the Teriyaki chicken skewers. While it had decent flavor, the chicken was raw. At one breakfast, my husband ordered scrambled eggs well done. When the server brought them to us, they were runny and under cooked. The only good real meal we had was the dinner the last night of the cruise.

Of all the cruises I have ever been on, Norwegian by far did not have the best entertainment. We were not the only people to complain that after 10 pm there is nothing to do. It felt as thought the ship only catered to some guests ideas of entertainment. For example, the white party started off great. There was a lot of high energy with good music. We were into it, but then there was no one to keep our attention. The cruise director talked for a few minutes and then was gone. The DJ continued playing music, but after an hour the majority of the guests cleared out. Each night a few of us would search the boat in hopes of finding something to do that fits our age range (25-35). Unfortunately, there was nothing to be found. The shows in the theater were not great either. Again, it feels that the shows catered to some guests but not all. On a lighter note, I would like to say that the comedian was hilarious. We enjoyed watching him. I wish he would have had more time with his shows.


Each morning and night we ate breakfast and dinner in the main dining room in the back of ship. I have never before had the freestyle option. As great as it is to come and go as I please, the tipping was a serious issue. It seems that some of the dining room servers know they are already going to be tipped, so they are not concerned with quick or accurate service. We would ask for creamer and it never made it to our table. There was one dinner when my husband had to speak with the supervisor, Laura get his cup of espresso after waiting 20 minutes. I was taught the service you give determines your tip, so work hard and efficiently.

We got off the boat at the Great Stir Up Cays to enjoy the day at the beach. It is a beautiful island. There are a lot of activities however none are cost effective. We spent $90.00 to snorkel and to use water floats. The snorkel gear was not worth the money. The goggles leaked water and my vest constantly leaked air. I attempted to go toward a drop off the in reefs but I had to stop and fill my vest with air. It was tough to fill the vest with air and try to stay a float with waves crashing over my head. When back on the beach, we asked a bar server to fill up our soda cup (we bought the soda card). He told us that it might take a while for the soda to come, but when he realized my husband was buying beer, he had a very different attitude. It is a great place to get off the boat and enjoy a little relaxation, but it is expensive to do the little extras.

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