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Age: 29


Number of Cruises: 1

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sky

Sailing Date: 2010-06-30

Itinerary: Bahamas

I needed a relaxing weekend away and instead I got stress and frustration, this may have been because of my expectations from a cruise after reading numerous good reviews online and from our friends about the over friendly staff and amazing food so I wasn't expecting the bad service and bad food that we got on the Norwegian Sky.

There were plenty of things to do on the cruise and the views and destinations were amazing, if it wasn't for my own disappointment in the service this would have been a perfect weekend away.

The food was very disappointing and limited. For three days we had the choice of burgers, hotdogs and the same small salad and fruit for lunch. The ship was supposed to be freestyle, you could eat 24 hours a day they said, but the trick was to find the restaurant and bar that was actually serving something to eat.

We ended up going to the Garden Cafe as it was easy to find on the top deck but one night we paid a cover for one of the Italian restaurants (Il Adagio I think). This particular restaurant was not worth the cover (I heard after the steakhouse is good so try there!) the menu was limited and one of the plates we ordered (the risotto) was inedible. Another night we tried the 'free' dinner at the Palace but the service was tremendously slow that we nearly gave up to go to the Garden Cafe again for another burger. When the food finally did come it was not really worth the wait :(

If you take this cruise then find out which restaurants are serving what (and at what times!) from receiption or have it ready before you go. You are only on the ship for three days so don't spend it eating in the wrong places like we did.

The stateroom size wise was what I expected, very clean and we were delighted with the ocean view (best thing about the cruise :)) There were no facilities included like tolitries etc but again I expected that also however there were some items like a hairdryer or iron that not only were they not included but there was no indication of how to get them. There was a phone in the room but no list of numbers to call for reception or stewards etc. There was also just one plug in the bathroom which didn't work. So if these things are important to you consider bringing your own or asking to change rooms if your plug does not work.

Unfortunately our steward service was awful, our dirty towels were not changed for two days and when we requested new towels from a passing steward we were were told to call the cleaners to get them and he gave us a number. The only thing the steward did twice a day was make the bed. They didn't replace the mini-bar, the dirty towels, the water, the glasses (the one thing that did come with the room was two glasses, when we misplaced one outside the room they never replaced it, we got our own glass to replace it and they took it!). I've never heard of anyone else getting service like this so hopefully it was a once off, I complained to NCL about it afterwards but I've not heard back from them.

There was a dvd for sale on how to make the same towel animals that the stewards made in the rooms, when I saw this I laughed as not only did we not get the towel animals but we didn't even get clean towels!

The onboard activities seemed to be very good for families and children with lots of raffles and prizes to be won. The only thing I was interested in was relaxing with a cockail on the deck, I was only disappointed by the bad drinks and grumpy barmen.

The excursions were great - do them to get off the boat! My favourite day was at Nassau when we went to Aquaventure - there is so much to do and see here you will not be disappointed. The private island was also nice but get there first thing in the morning to get some amazing photos and swim while the sea is not crowed by cuiseshippers. Later in the day it turned into a bit of a party island with fun things organized. Not a place to get away from it all so be prepared to join in and have some fun!

If it wasn't for the staff this could have been an excellent trip. As it was however every member of staff we encountered (barmen, stewards, the people that check you in etc.) were unfriendly and unhelpful, the looked like they really wanted to be somewhere else, not one steward actually got us our clean towels or water or ice! I think their problem is that they know they will automatically be getting a 'service charge' from each guest (it's automatically charged to your room $12 per guest per day) and gratuity is added to every bill at 15%, so they don't have to give good service to get a tip anymore - they get it anyway as it's included on every bill.

The rest of the cruise I liked, as in the stops at Nassau and the private island but if you want a relaxing break away don't expect to find it here.

This was my first cruise but I'm not willing to give up on them so easy, I hope to try another one some day but this time I'm not going to expect anything! And I'll bring my own bottled water....

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