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Age: 24


Number of Cruises: 1-4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sky

Sailing Date: 2010-09-6

Itinerary: bahamas

My friends and I wanted a vacation and this is what we got.

My friends, who have been on several other cruises said this is the worst cruise food they had eaten. The food was terrible if it wasn't overcooked it was way too salty. I would expect that on a cruise ship we would get good seafood, I was wrong. All the seafood was overcooked. Maybe they were concerned that people would get sick from the seafood so they overcooked everything. We tried the mahi-mahi, salmon, shrimp and lobster, all were terrible. We tried several types of food, American, Indian, French, Asian, all were too salty. On our last night we tried the food at the sports bar, the only place with good food.

Le Bistro- The food there was not bad, but it was definitely not worth being paid for. They had a limited selection of food, I was expecting a lot more.

The rooms are very small but I guess that's expected for a cruise ship. The beds are tiny! I haven't slept on a bed that small since I was 10. Our rooms were clean, the staff did a good job tidying up, changing our towels etc.

The comedian was good, he definitely made us laugh. There is a newlywed game show which was fun to watch also. On the last night the staff performed a show called Fountain which was hilarious. There was a variety show with horrible singers and average dancers. You can always find music and dancing on the ship somewhere to keep you entertained. Or you can hang out in the casino, or watch newly released movies in the theater or on your tv. There is also basketball, volleyball and 'golf' which is played in an area the size of your stateroom, yes, golf-in-a-box.

We looked for and found our own excursions when we docked instead of booking the excursions sold by the ship. Everything we did was cheaper than the ship's price. In Nassau definitely do the party boat, it’s worth the price, it’s fun, the staff is friendly and the food is delish. We jet-skied, parasailed, snorkeled, did the banana boat. Ahh this is what a cruise should be like. These people make us realize even more how unfriendly the cruise staff was and how bad the cruise food was.

Staff: This was my first cruise but there were peeple in my group who had cruised several times before. The nicest, happiest, most energetic people you'll meet are the ones in the hawaiian shirts who greet you when you first set foot on the ship. Stick around, talk to them, dance with them, give them a hug. IT'S ALL DOWNHILL FROM THERE. The staff is not friendly, especially the staff in the sit-down restaurants (the palace and crossings). They are extremely slow, rude, seem uninterested and frankly seem depressed. They try to push you towards the buffet (Garden Cafe) as much as possible, we walked over to the front desk at the Palace and asked for a table, they told us we can eat at the buffet and the buffet has all this great food etc etc etc. We were confused so we asked if we can't eat at the Palace and they finally said yes. Don't be fooled they just don't want to serve you. The place was pretty empty (probably because the other confused folks went to the buffet) but they still took forever to bring our menus, water and take our orders. Of course none of us finished our food b/c it wasn't good so our server (Kim-male) came over gave us a nasty look and said in a very condescending way that maybe we should get pizza at the buffet. Which by the way we tried the buffet a few times and never saw any pizza ha ha! The only nice staff are the bartenders and the DJs. You might find 1 or 2 other nice staff members out of 900. Btw saying good morning or hi or any other greeting with a sour face is not friendly. You might as well not say anything.

Room Service: takes forever. If you think that you could possibly be hungry in 3 hours, then order NOW!

Parties: The parties are fun and the music is good.

24 hour food: A big lie

The Ship Director: He has a lot of energy and says the same things over an over again. By day 2 you'll know all his sayings and will either be saying them yourself of hear other cruisers saying them.

The propoganda: On the last night of the cruise he gets onstage before the variety show starts and puts on a 15 minute show/speech of convinging the audience of how GREAT he and the staff are and how we should give them great reviews b/c they take care of 2400 guests and when they dock in Miami they'll be taking on another 2400 guests etc etc etc. No the staff is terrible.

Most important tip: BRING YOUR OWN WATER AND LOTS OF IT! Think about it, salty food, lots of drink specials(alcohol), terrible room service. By 2 am you'll be feeling like a shriveled up corpse. Some of us even drank the ice-bucket water, and the bathroom sink water.

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