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Age: 50 ish


Number of Cruises: 4

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Spirit

Sailing Date: March 4th, 2005

Itinerary: Southern Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line
NCL Spirit Cruise Review
Southern Caribbean

Doris Matherly

I am writing this review to help others who may consider traveling on NCL. I will never travel with this cruise line again and it is not because of the food, or the entertainment, or the itinerary. It is because of their lack of accommodation to a reasonable request to have a decent bed in which to sleep in a room for which we had paid top dollar. When we booked this cruise for the three of us, we were assured we would have a room for three people on the luxury deck of the eleventh floor (12 floors total). This was supposed to be a luxury room with a private deck and ocean view etc.

The first thing we noticed upon arrival in the room was that there were only two beds and a small little settee in a corner. We are three adult women. I volunteered to sleep on the little settee which the steward had come in and unfolded around eight p.m. and made into somewhat of a trundle bed. Even though I had my reservations that this bed would even hold the weight of a first grader, I attempted to sleep there the first night. I was shocked from slumber at midnight, as were my two sleeping roommates, when I turned over in the makeshift bed and found my bed (I use the term loosely here) had collapsed when one of the plastic strips holding a thin little slat had come out. I roused myself enough to pull the three inch foam rubber pad up and pull out the slat and repositioned myself into a pretzel like position to offset the gaping sling of the sagging bedding. I think I may have dozed off only to be awakened once again (as were my roommates) by another loud crash. This time, there were four more slats hanging off the cheap little frame and there was not even a place for me to sit to collect I proceeded bed-head, pajamas and all down to the seventh floor to the desk to complain. They assured me they would send someone up to take care of the situation...which I suppose one could say they did, depending upon if you think one fellow with a screw driver can really make this totally ludicrous situation any better. We explained to the fellow that this was not the solution we were after....we needed a room for three people with three beds for adults. This was fruitless. By six p.m. the second day, we realized the personnel in charge were not going to give us a room for three people which we had contracted and paid for. We went down to the desk to complain again only to be sent to our room where we were eventually met by our steward, someone from housekeeping and a small official looking Asian woman in a nautical type uniform. She kept repeating the phrase in her rather broken english, "I am sorry ma-dam, we cannot upgrade you." NCL's solution here was to bring in a roll-away type bed that resembled a ping pong table when unstrung...only it was about 16 inches off the floor. Once the bed was unsprung with its little four inch pad of foam, we had about five inches between beds to inch our way out of to get to the bathroom....since there was no room at the foot of the beds because that was were our luggage went as there was no place to store it. Even though I pointedly asked the woman if NCL was willing to take the liability of me attempting to sleep on this make shift situation because I already have two herniated disk, and a crack in my coccyx, she could only reply, "I am sorry ma-dam....."

The long and short of this is that we were NCL. When I returned home and wrote a letter of complaint to the company, the customer relations department said they would send us $150 vouchers for each of us for future cruises on NCL. Now I asked you.....would anyone in their right mind want to cruise with this line again....I think not! When I called the customer relations department they said they would do nothing more for us.

I I had it to do over again, since I was already on the ship, I would turn into the loudest mouth complainer they had ever seen, and I would not have shut up until they put us in a stateroom that would accommodate three people with three real beds. Even though I normally try to be discreet and quiet and if I have a complaint to do so in a tactful and thoughtful way, I would complain in a very public way...loud, obnoxious and tenacious!

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