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Age: 21


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Spirit

Sailing Date: May 7th, 2006

Itinerary: Bahamas

NCL - Norwegain Cruise Line
Norwegian Spirit Cruise Review


First of all we have been on a couple of cruises before, but not to the Caribbean. We have only done the 8-day Mexican Riviera twice. We really enjoyed this cruise a lot. My husband and I, on our past cruises have gone by ourselves, but this year we went with my husbands’ sisters and their husbands. Going alone has it perks as does going with other people. I like either way.

NCL’s embarkment process was so nice and smooth compared to our last cruises. We were in line for maybe a total of 15 minutes. It all went really smooth. Our luggage got to our room before we even left the port. It was really windy when we pulled out of New York, so we went and sat in the Galaxy of the Stars and we could see everything in there.

Disembarkation was also a breeze, you can do the express or opt out and wait for your color to be called, we chose to wait, after all, our flight didn’t leave until 5 pm that night. So we played cards in the card room on deck 12. Once we were called, we were in a taxi, in about 10 minutes or less.

The first day, Monday, was a day at sea and it was windy and rainy. So we got ourselves acquainted with other guests and with the ships layout. We also booked all of our shore excursions.

Tuesday, was Port Canaveral, we arrived and got on the shuttle bus to go to Universal Studios, just as a side note, the cruise line offers just transfers to the park for $45, that you can purchase separately, or you can purchase the transfers and park tickets together for $149 a person, we did the combination, which we kind of regretted because once we got the universal studios, a day pass is only $70, so if we would have just bought the transfers we would have been able to save about $35 a person. Universal was a blast and I would recommend it, even though we had been there before it was still a blast.

Wednesday was Miami. We enjoyed this day; we all had pretty much seen everything there before, so we decided to get the beach and bayside hopper. So we went to South Beach for about 4 hours and then we went Shopping at the Bayside Shopping center. It was fun.

Thursday, the Private Island, was by far my favorite. We snorkeled all day and saw some amazing fish, just like the fish we have seen in Hawaii. We saw some Jelly Fish and a lot fish varieties. We walked around the island for about 2 hours and saw some really cool things. I wish we would have had another day there and skipped Nassau altogether.

Friday, was Nassau, it was okay, but being there for such a short amount of time, is almost pointless. We shopped the entire time, there are some really nice stores in the area, you just have to look for them, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Fossil, Banana Republic, perfume shops, and some really nice shoe stores. I would recommend renting a little scooter/motorcycle for the time that you are there, cause you can go anywhere you want fast. It only cost $55 for the 5 hours, and they fit two people. After we got on the ship, it was the Chocoholic Buffet in Windows, there was some really good things and some not so good things. The chocolate fudge cake was the best, it was almost like eating fudge, I can’t believe that I didn’t gain weight on the trip.

The food was just like any other cruise ship food, they always have the basic things, then they would add things to the menu here and there. We only ate in Raffles for breakfast, cause the food smell, made my husband sick, so I would get his breakfast and take it out on the deck to him. It has the basic breakfast foods, but my husband, everyday ate granola and yogurt and I ate fruit and a bagel, so I can’t comment on the other breakfast food. The rest of the family liked the breakfast a lot.

Lunch, we actually never ate lunch on the ship, so I can’t comment on that.
Dinner, we ate half the time in the Windows restaurant, then the other half in the specialty restaurants. Cagney’s Steakhouse, it is just like a steakhouse around town. Teppanyaki was also good, but in order to get reservations, you need to make them Sunday right when you get on the ship. At night, if either of us were hungry, we would go to the Blue Lagoon and get a salad; they are better than any of the salads in Windows or any of the Specially restaurants. Their Cheddar, Bacon Potatoes skins and their hamburgers are really good there too.

Entertainment: the cruise line shows are just like any other cruise line show, kind of cheesy, but good none the less. The comedian “Edge”, was a riot, I would have liked to seen more of him. The stand up comedians, “Second City,” were horrible, my husband and I walked out, it was stupid, we sat through it for about a half of an hour and then left. Our sister stayed the entire time and said that a lot of people left after we did. “Second City,” is a pure waste of time.

The exercise room was okay, not a Gold’s Gym by any stretch of the imagination, it has about 8 treadmills and 4 elliptical trainers, one weight machine and some free weights. It was never crowed, I went every morning at 6 am and I was usually the only one in there.

I really enjoyed this cruise, but next time I will sail out of Florida, so I can see more of the Caribbean.

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