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Age: 25

Occupation:Ranch owner

Number of Cruises: 6

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Star

Sailing Date: 2012-01-15

Itinerary: Mexico Belize honduras

Overall experience was extremely disappointing. Started off with incompetent staff members unable to correctly designate a credit card to the proper room. Somehow the staff member tied my credit card to multiple rooms and did not want to fix the mistake...."can't you just deal with it later on the cruise?" he says....yeah only to have the next guy tell me the same thing. Sure uh-huh...took him 30 minutes and 2 supervisors( even more incompetent than the underling) to right the mistake.

Food has gone severely downhill. I've been on norwegian before and this was just pathetic, unless of course you like boxed eggs and paper bacon. Only food that was consistently edible were the croissants and the restaurants you have to pay additional fees to eat at. (no complaints with the fee restaurants, they were great but cost $25).

Our room steward was the worst I've ever encountered. Ask for anything and his token response was always, "tomorrow". Even when we had a small child in our group sick and merely asked for another Sierra mist, oh yeah, tomorrow. Bags were opened and prescription pill bottles suspiciously moved from inside luggage.(to which I was told to always keep them in the provided mini safe). Correct me if I'm wrong but you should not have to worry about theft from staff members. Next day after calling attention to that fact, room steward left a nice "#2" in our bathroom to let us know how he felt about that...disgusting. Another big let down we're the adjoining balconies to we were assured when booking the cruise that we would be able to remove the partitions to connect between rooms. (which we'd done on all of our previous NCL cruises). Yep, once on board they refused to open them and claimed they haven't allowed that for quite some time and that we were supposed to have known that. Trying to get compensation for that was worse than pulling teeth.

Finally we were given free dinner at one of there fee restaurants only to find out they were full and couldn't get a reservation. Not to mention the constant bait and switch advertising that occurs, throughout the ship they have displays advertising different items for sale in the duty free shop, only to get to the shop and find out the item was actually twice the advertised price...a bit juvenile if you ask me.

Overall, ship is aged and decrepit; rust showing, old sheets, old rough towels, robes with holes worn them, carpets worn through with stitching showing throughout the ship. It was unbelievable. And again I feel the need to discuss the seriously subpar food. Order the steak, they will never cook it right, not once. Food would come out cold, fish was just terrible, all the varieties they offered from day to day, fish was consistently way overcooked.(perhaps to hide the fact it was spoiled, yes spoiled, even charred you could taste it)

I cannot stress enough how unbelievably disappointed I was with the entire experience, excursions excluded. So please take this honest review into consideration before your next cruise and pick another cruise line. Only by hitting them on the bottom line will they fix this catastrophe of a ship.

The $25 fee restaurant was great. As for the rest of the food, high school cafeteria food is gourmet in comparison.

Room was ok. Circa 1990's 10" box tv set was terrible. Room steward was TERRIBLE. amenities including towels sheets, robs seem to have been in use since the ships maiden voyage....11 years ago. Scratchy old towels, robs with holes, and that is if you got enough towels for the number of guests. Only on the last day did we finally get enough towels for all of us in the room, we asked everyday, sometimes twice a day.

About the only highlight of the trip were the activities and excursions.

Took a couple of NCL excursions, river tour and Mayan ruin exploration, we're good. Other than that they take you to over crowded beaches. I would recommend independently researching each destination and find a private beach to go to. For example in costs maya, we found a great privately owned beach to go to, $30 and you got chair, shade, and unlimited open bar and food! Best food we had the entire vacation, really, check it out, mohoch Kay, mahahual Mexico. High recommend it.

Not what I paid for.

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