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Paul Guse

Age: 54

Occupation:pest control

Number of Cruises: 9

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sun

Sailing Date: March 18th, 2006

Itinerary: Eastern Caribbean

NCL - Norwegain Cruise Line
Norwegian Sun Cruise Review
Eastern Caribbean

Paul Guse

Cutbacks are happening even in the cruise industry. This cruise was less than glamorous. I have never been on such a low quality cruise in my life. We cruised Norwegian as recent as last year and at that time it was still nice. This year it’s like a different company has taken over.

Here is how our cruise went:
We boarded the ship, and no welcome aboard drink. No biggie, we were sure this was just a small change. So we went for lunch in the only dining available, the buffet. How about this? No trays. Here you are in a cafeteria style line. You have a salad, a plate of food and a drink, and no tray. This is absolutely ridiculous. They said they are trying to cut back on some small things. What is a person supposed to do? Balance it on their head? OK, we moved on. We decided to try the free style dining. Well this is where it went down hill. The tables were set with minimal silverware, no flower, no candle. Well no biggie the food will still be great. Surprise again. The menus are horrible. Almost every evening was a list of unappealing meals. There are a few appetizers, one soup and one salad choice. Your choice is do you want it or not? Also, there is no more dessert tray to choose from.

This is the cruise company’s way of getting you to spend more money and eat at the special dining which has a fee per person. They feed you bad food and try to squeeze more money from you by forcing you to pay. We were so hungry that we thought we would try the specialty dining. Well guess again! You couldn’t get a reservation. So now we had to eat really bad food. Even the buffet had strange eastern food most of the time. The desserts looked great but no taste, only high calories. Oh yea and how about this, no more fruit punch or lemonade, only ice tea. But if you wish, you can buy coke for the week at $42.00 a person. (crazy, isn’t it?) Alcohol is at a very high price too. You can get a drink for $4.50, but it’s served in a juice glass. The decent size ones are $8.50. Coke is $1.75 a can and tasted like water. It looked like a coke can but…. No taste at all.

The least they could do is post the menus for the week so you could decide if you want to try making reservations elsewhere.

One of our stops was a private island. Here they even botched a picnic lunch. Although the dogs and hamburgers were OK, they were served on stale rolls. And the fruit salad must have been made up well in advance, it was extremely slimy.

The breakfast wasn’t bad. Most of the food was traditional and eat up in the morning, there wasn’t much to look forward to after that.

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