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Steven Migdon

Age: 55

Occupation:Physician's Assistant

Number of Cruises: 8

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Sun

Sailing Date: March 4th, 2007

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

NCL - Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Sun Cruise Review
Western Caribbean

Steven Migdon

Let me start by saying it's easy to just trash a cruise. I have never taken a BAD cruise, but there were ones I liked better than others. This was one of them.

The Sun is a good is NOT a great cruise. The shows are good...they are NOT great. QUE NOCHE is a tribute to Latin rhythms...without one Santana song. In fact there was only 1 familiar song. The show is well done. It's just that the show itself stinks.

The food is good, but not great. I go on cruises to eat food I normally wouldn't eat at home...or at least not prepared this way. The menu Thursday night included Beef Stroganoff, Baked Flounder, and Turkey. I do those meals regularly at my home. Give me something new! And no escargot unless you go to the French restaurant?? Guarantee you'll get it on a Carnival cruise.

Rooms are nice, ship is nice, but nothing is great. Here's 2 great examples of why this was NOT a great cruise. (1) We opted for early debarkation. We had allot of bags but were managing. Doors were a bit tough. We got to a door...and a CREW member in uniform passed us and...kept on walking!! (2) I decided to get my film developed on board. I was informed that if I had purchased the film on board, I would have gotten it developed free. So I purchased another role. When I finished the role, I took it in for my free developing, I was told I needed the receipt. I was never told that. I GUARANTEE you that if I were on Carnival I would have been told "NOW HOLD ON TO THAT RECEIPT. YOU'LL NEED IT TO GET FREE DEVELOPING". Getting the idea?

And a few final words on FREESTYLE cruising. Yes, you can eat DINNER whenever you want and with whomever you want. But you never get the same waiter twice. I kind of like having the same wait staff. They get to know you and what you like. We wound up asking for the same waiter the last 3 nights. Problem was that she wasn't available the last night...the night we wanted her the most. And freestyle applies to dinner...if you want lunch at 11:35AM, your choices are hamburgers or hot dogs. Can't the buffet roll over from breakfast to lunch?

Again, it's a nice ship. It's certainly not a BAD cruise. But It's NOT a GREAT cruise.





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