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Don Gartshore

Age: 42


Number of Cruises: 2

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Wind

Sailing Date: December 15th, 2001

Itinerary: Singapore to Sydney Australia

I believe that the only other items that a lot of passengers found very annoying were the high costs of the Internet Cafe ($0.75 US per minute) and the high costs of drinks at the bars. Please note that from what I understand the alcohol is purchased in port and also duty free and in bulk...usually at marvellously low prices, in comparison to home why did a dink on board cost almost double what it does at home? The internet costs were crazy as it would take a minimum of three to four minutes before you could even get into your email, thereby having an automatic charge of $2.25 to $3.00 US onto your cabin charges, just from signing on. Very expensive when comparing to onshore you could get 4 minutes for less than $1.00 AUS. It's good to see that NCL is thinking of their passengers wallets.

Let me say that although you have read a lot of complaints here you have not heard them all. If NCL would like to hear more about them all they have to do is email me, although I doubt very much if I will ever hear from them...even though my travel agent is also forwarding my views to their head office...if they still exist. I did enjoy the cruise, with some exceptions. The shore excursions were also very good, although twice the cost of the same excursion if booked on shore with local agencies at local currencies. Another matter NCL should look into. Money does not grow on trees, even though they may think it does, but when you have no options you have to go with what is offered. This gives me another reason to not travel alone...going ashore and taking excursions via taxi and other ways should not be done alone, and is not advisable.

I do hope that I hear from others who may have had the same experience with NCL, maybe even of this cruise. But I doubt if I will. I will also be surprised if you happen to publish this email to you. Everything that I have stated here is true and if you do not believe me then contact me and I will get another person(s) who was on the cruise to agree with my statements, or maybe make more.


PS: I realize that I haven't said much but complain here but with the cost of travel today I did not get what I paid for. If you would like to hear about the ports etc please email me and I would be more than helpful to let you know what I did enjoy. Thank you.

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