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Age: 21 to 35


Number of Cruises: 3 to 5

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Norwegian Wind

Sailing Date: April 1st, 2000

Itinerary: Western Caribbean

What a disappointment!!! I have sailed before on the Norway and love it so I decided to try the Wind.  Big Mistake.  Never again. 

To start with, the appearance of the ship was not what I expected.  It was not at all glamourous and was actually dirty!  Throughout the entire cruise the hallways smelled of sewage. The carpeting on the entire ship was so stained it looked like the rugs had huge wet spots all over them.  Also through out the hallways buckets collected leaks from the ceilings.  I was completely disgusted at the state and SMELL of the ship!

My disappointed continued.  Lines, lines, lines...everywhere.  It was always a hassle to get something to eat.  I have to admit it did get better toward the end of the cruise but I felt like I was always on line.

As for the food it could have been better. It was along the lines of decent cafeteria food.  But I did hear some of the passengers enjoying the food.  Maybe being for New York it makes me sort of a critic when it comes to dining.

Now about the service...NOT ENOUGH!  The ship was completely short staffed.  I did not experience the great service I had on the Norway.  I later found out that the staff had been at sea for 9 months, 12-14 hour days with no break!  They took a lot of abuse from the passengers which later I felt bad about.

I also had some problems with the casino staff.  Three times a dealer took my chips from the table when she should have paid out.  When I expressed my concern she replied, "We all make mistakes."  So my advice: WATCH your money!  The credit desk was not much better.  You need to sign for everything on the ship and then at the last day settle your account.  I had a problem with my statement because I was being charged for dry cleaning but the cleaner ruined all my garments.  When I told credit I was not paying for the charges they said I needed to come back the following day for check out to dispute the charge.  The next day at 5AM!!!! Are they kidding! needless to say I went back to find a line wrapped around the hallways.

I was also not thrilled with the cruise director's staff.  They were so nasty and annoying.  They seemed so bothered when someone asked a question or expressed a complaint.  Also they conducted all these really boring, corny games on the sun deck during the day.  It was so distacting and not entertaining at all.

That leads me to the entertainment...Unwatchable! I couldn't sit through one show maybe with the acception of the comedian.

Also if you want to take any tours book them the moment you step on the ship. Within an hour it seemed all the tours were booked.  This was really fustrating because 2 stops where to Central America.   I was not comfortable touring these island on my own.  I felt a bit uncomfortable which the conditions. Also if you don't book a tour you don't get off the boat.  Well at least untill all the other guests with tours get off.  I felt so trapped!

And to top it off we had engine troubles! One morning we found ourselves in the dark.  It tooks minutes for the generators to click on.  For us stuck in elevators and insides rooms this caused some panic.  We were late to Grand Caymen because of this outage. The engine also died.  

The only good thing I can say about the Wind is I loved the pool wait staff.  They where fun, friendly always around. 

I would never sail the Wind again.  It is a shame because this was my husbands first cruise and he hated it and will never cruise again.  I wish I took him on the Norway!

Another Thought about the Wind

Tom, I just read your review of your May cruise on the Wind. My wife and I were on the Wind in January. Prior to that cruise I read many reviews about the ship. A good percentage of them were negative. We had an absolutely wonderful time. This review of yours points out that if the wait staff is mistreated by the passengers, the passengers will be mistreated by the wait staff. I think that sums up what has caused all of the negative reviews. I  just decided that it is impossible to satisfy everyone and that some people  bitch about everything. But I think that you have hit the nail on the head.  We enjoyed our January cruise so much so that we are currently booked on the 11 day mystery cruise this coming December.
Keep up the good work,

Bill Denby
Lansing, MI

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