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Number of Cruises: n/a

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Pride of America

Sailing Date: August 5th, 2006

Itinerary: Hawaii

The night before my parents and I were leaving for Hawaii, I sat and read all of the reviews, about the Pride of America. I was very disappointed and wanted nothing more than to stay in a hotel. The day we arrived was awful. At the Honolulu airport my mom had her bag stolen and with hundreds of dollars of valuables inside. My mom was not the only victim. There is a lot of crime there. There must of been 10 people in line complaining about stolen luggage the same time we were. The Honolulu police said it happens everyday. There is no security what so ever there. This truly set a bad mood for the day.

Afterward, we embarked the ship. You first walk into the main lobby. There is the John Adams bar to the left and to the right is a sitting area. Right before we went on buses to take us to the ship, we put our luggage on a van. It takes all the luggage to the ship, however, we didn't get our luggage delivered to our room until 9:00 p.m. I don't what that is all about?

The first night was extremely hectic. People were scattered everywhere. Difficult looking for something to eat at the only open restaurant- Aloha Cafe. Aloha Cafe was where we ate every morning. I looked forward to eating there. For breakfast it had every breakfast food you could possibly think of. Literally, I mean everything. In the Aloha Cafe there is two whole different sections. One buffet inside and one outside. The one outside generally has fresher fruits and is less crowded. The Aloha Cafe has lunch and dinner of course. I would also suggest lunch but probably not dinner. There are better restaurants for dinner.

Skyline Restaurant- I loved it. Inside was a city theme. The food was very good every time. It was the perfect portion. I have read in previous reviews how the portion was too small. Yet, it was perfect. I also loved the atmosphere. Every time we ate there we sat at table right next to the window. We ate delicious food while looking out onto the gorgeous blue waters.

Lazy J's steakhouse- this is $15 extra per person. I had filet mignon which was very good I thought. I had a side of a baked potato and rice pilaf. It was very small inside but not a lot of people wanted to pay the extra 15 dollars per person. I think the Lazy J's steak house should be dined at least once during your cruise.

Jefferson's Bistro- I thought it was good even though you had to pay an extra 10 dollars per person. I had a spaghetti dish which was mediocre. I didn't really like the whole feel of the restaurant.

Japanese Restaurant- I thought it was gross. The food I ordered was too spicy and made my stomach hurt the whole night. This also is 10 dollars extra per person. I would not recommend it.

Cadillac Diner- I saw the younger kids going into this place. It is open 23 hours. It is your typical burger joint. The food was good though. There is a TV in there where you can pick a music video to be played. Same videos you would see shown on MTV.

Key West Bar and Grill- Very good. I got a grilled burger while I sat and tanned.

Dislikes- The first day I overheard people saying how terribly small the pool was. I had to see it for myself. The pool was as big as two staterooms! The staterooms aren't even big they are the size of a very small bedroom. Of course only little kids were in there. The water didn't look too appealing watching kids squirt pool water from in between their teeth at each other. Although there is a pool at the other end of the ship. It is the size of a very large Jacuzzi. I couldn't believe it. But, the ship has like 6 Jacuzzis on it. unfortunately they were always occupied.

I was not impressed with the way people presented themselves at dinner. Half of the time everyone looked like they rolled out of bed. Unlike other cruises where practically every night is formal night. Not this cruise. One night we had formal night and that was it.

Our room service- We had a very pleasant stewardess named Bernice. She cleaned our cabin one time. Which was the second day. The time we didn't even need it to be clean. By the 6th day it was a pig sty. It needed to be vacuumed and needed clean sheets. Our sheets smelled like old man. It was foul.

They try to get every penny out of you. Every excursion you took, a photographer wanted to take your picture. You had no choice really. You would look at them later to decide if you wanted to purchase them. It was around 25 dollars per picture. Not worth it at all. Even on the ship, you could take a picture with the caption or your family around the grand stair case. Again 30 dollars a picture. You are already paying a couple thousand dollars per person on this cruise something should be free!

Entertainment- The entertainment was good. One night they had crew members show off there talents. I loved it. It was excellent. Two other nights they had comedians. Both different ones of course. The male comedian was surprisingly funny. The female comedian was rude and was only making herself look bad. Another night they had a juggler. He was impressive and ended the show very nicely. Another night was a trivia night which was stupid. The questions were repetitive and obvious. On the second to the last day they had guests impersonate celebrities singing songs and dancing. They did Michael Jackson, Madonna etc. They had judges and whoever won got a little prize. I thought it was hysterical.

Excursions- The cruise offers you a wide variety of excursions that are overpriced. For example- The day we arrived in Kona, I wanted to go snorkeling but it was sold out and was around 80 something per person. Since everything was sold out we decided to find a beach on Kona any we ran right into snorkel beach! The exact same beach offered through the cruise line. Right there at snorkel beach was a scuba rental gear shack. The scuba shoes, and snorkel gear was all under 15 dollars. Yet we saw people from our cruise spend over 80 dollars do the exact same thing we did. That just shows you what a rip off that was. That just proved to us that we shouldn't take any more excursions offered through the ship.

I would recommend someone to take this cruise. It isn't as bad as it everyone claims it is. I would give it 7.5 out of 10.

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