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Age: 51


Number of Cruises: 3

Cruise Line: Norwegian

Ship: Pride of America

Sailing Date: October 7th, 2006

Itinerary: Hawaii

My three daughters, my 11 year old granddaughter and I have talked about a trip for years. We have thought about places in Europe, Vegas, and many other destinations. It was really their desire to go to Hawaii. I have traveled quite a bit in the Caribbean and I am not a fan of what I then saw as tropical islands. However, my desire to have a quality trip with my girls caused me to think of their needs and we all agreed on Hawaii. We explored many options and decided that a cruise was the way that we could make the most of our time and money. NCL’s Pride of America fit our schedule and budget so we booked.

After reading some of the reviews for the Pride of America I must say I was second guessing my upcoming cruise. I was very anxious because I wanted our time to be something we all would cherish. We have been back home now for 3 weeks and all of our heads are still “in the clouds.” I cannot say that what we had was a good vacation. It was an incredible adventure. I was blown away. I never dreamed that there would be so much beauty in one place. Hawaii is not like the Caribbean as I have been told. It is so much more than beaches. We had rental cars reserved on every island and we spent 4 days of driving and sightseeing. Believe it or not my granddaughter never got bored. I have never heard so many “oohs and ahh’s and oh my God’s” I still get chills thinking about the amazing beauty that we saw.

As for the ship, (what little time we were one it) it was exactly what we needed. The cabin was comfortable. It was bigger than the ones I had seen on other ships and the storage space was more than enough for two women who brought lots of stuff!

The Free Style Dining was exactly what we needed because we never had to hurry back to ship in order to eat at a certain time. The café with the buffet was very nice for breakfast. I give it ***** for its fresh fruit.

We caught all of the evening shows. They were good especially the NCL show “On the Radio.”

Maybe if I had flown 9 hours to get to Hawaii and stayed on the ship for 7 days and then flown 9 hours home I would be complaining, however we did not depend on NCL to make us happy or even to entertain us. They provided us good food, a very comfortable place to sleep and all the information and services we needed to have “the experience of our lives.”

If you want to do this cruise I recommend reserving a car at every port. The rental agency will be waiting on you when you get off the ship with a free shuttle to their door and will provide a shuttle back to the ship. See Hawaii. As much of it as you possibly can. Laugh, love and enjoy. Don’t waste your time complaining and criticizing.

Let me add one last thing. It helps to have as your traveling partners beautiful, loving and completely crazy girls like I had the blessing to share with.

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