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Age: 59

Occupation:own business

Number of Cruises: 17

Cruise Line: Oceania

Ship: Regatta

Sailing Date: n/a

Itinerary: n/a

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Regatta Cruise Review



We received our documents in good time, the air arrangements were poor to say the least, and we were traveling for over 24 hours before we got back to Minneapolis, not to mention the drive home to Iowa.


Our stateroom, penthouse suite 8019 was well maintained, kept clean by our attendant, and the bedding was fine. I cannot say that it was as spectacular as the company advertises, but it was acceptable. Our penthouse suite was a nice size, however, could have been furnished better. On Celebrity we had a bar in our suite with wine and other types of glasses always there. On this ship there was no such animal, and we had to ask every day for glasses.


This was the worst staff I have ever dealt with. Frankly, they acted like they were doing us a favor, not the other way around. They were not friendly, and could do nothing on their own. From the front desk to the dining room, the staff was pathetic. We even met with the Hotel Manager (General Manager) after four days of total frustration. He had sent a letter in response to our comments that had been submitted just a few days into the cruise. We called to confirm that we wanted to meet with him, as well as some friends of ours. He agreed. When we went to the area( the main lobby) to meet him, he refused to meet in private. He wanted to have us sit in the lobby and discuss these issues with us. We told him no, and he finally agreed to meet in his office, which was were you have private meetings in the first place.

We listed our complaints, dining room service, cold food, and a multitude of others. He became defensive, and never once offered the simple question "what can I do to make it right". It was just a pathetic example of how the lack of leadership does come from the top. No wonder the staff was so horrible. The hotel manager could not even set a good example.


I would say the officers were poor based on your meeting with the hotel manager. The butler was a joke. He didn't even show up for two days ("because he did not want to disturb us",) never offered to do anything, and we always had to ask. I had the tips removed from our bill, and I assure you he received nothing from us. His name was Manuel, from Portugal, and basically did the absolute least he had to do. We ask him twice to make reservations for us at the two specialty restaurants, and never once did he even get back to us.

The bar staff leaves a lot of be desired. One evening the waitress accidentally put two glasses of wine on our friends tab, as only one should have been his and one mine. She did not know and it was not her fault. When she brought the bill back we explained it was on two separate checks. The next thing we know some woman bar manager comes marching in the dining room with this poor girl and made her apologize in front of us and just about everyone in the dining room. Not to mention the scene it made. We were embarrassed. Then they both come back with two glass of wine and give them to us. Again, another scene.


This was a joke. We took three tours and the only one that was acceptable was in the Azores. The one in Funchal the gal read the script for three hours, and the worst was the one in Jerez, Spain. There was a man in a wheelchair with his wife, and myself with an injured leg with 25 stitches in it. Neither of us could walk. The bus dropped us in town, and this was a walking tour. My husband spend all of his time trying to help the man in the wheelchair as his wife could not do it by herself. It was very difficult for me to get around on these streets, and we were never informed that the bus would not be available to us.

When we returned we went to the DESTINATION SERVICES desk, and ask for a refund. The lady with her husband in a wheelchair did also. We were required to fill out a form as to why we felt we should have our money back. Then when the completed form was taken back, the DESTINATION SERVICES manager said he would have to take it to the hotel manager for approval. That evening we received a voice mail during dinner that we would not receive a refund, and we would need to contact the Miami office. We paid $120 total. I saw the lady with the handicapped husband, and they told her the same thing.


There really was not much to do. I enjoyed the art auctions and other than that, crafts, etc (everything had an extra charge) were of no interest. My husband attended the "Enrichment Lectures" given my some retired 3 star admiral who spent 20 years of his career in the pentagon ( not quite out with the troops) and his talks were all political. Very pro George Bush, and not at all what should have been on a cruise ship.

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